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Documentary About a Group with Special Needs

(Press Release) On May 30, four guys began their journey of traveling 6,000 miles – an experience that will change them for a lifetime. It may seem like just another cross-country road trip to the west coast, but it couldn’t be further from ordinary. These four guys are part of “Guys Group,” a social group for young men with developmental disabilities (DD). Developed by People-Inc Life Quality Coaching Department, the “Guys Group” helps participants discover and nurture their passions, build lasting friendships and develop important life skills so that they have increased opportunities to live and work independently.


With the assistance and support of two People Inc. life quality coaches, this trip is their chance to learn in action everything from planning and budgeting to safety and social skills – almost everything needed for an average tourism venture. In addition to the life skills being learned, this trip serves as milestone highlighting partnerships that will set an industry example of multi-organization collaborations.


The group will visit Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, as well as other DD agencies-all the while creating a documentary of their trip that will be previewed at the New York film festival. The west coast destination of the “Guys Group” is San Diego’s very own TERI Campus of Life. Since 1980, TERI has served thousands of children and adults with autism & special needs. The “Guys Group” schedule at TERI will be jam-packed. They will visit TERI’s residential homes (with a barn, chickens, & pigs!), two K-12 schools, music program, organic agriculture program, theater arts, therapeutic equestrian, and finally they will see TERI’s new 20 acre property called the Campus of Life. When finished with construction in 2017, the campus will house all current TERI programs as well as the 1st of its kind vocational college for adults with developmental disabilities.

The “Guys Group” tour will be vising TERI’s San Diego location on June 5th and June 6th. This trip is the first sponsored trip of its kind for People Inc and TERI. Their journey can be followed in real time on the Facebook page “Crossing Borders WNY.” The trip will be documented on film and combined with footage of the group preparing for the journey. Documentary will air upon their return.


Factors Behind Unemployment and Isolation of Autistic Young Adults

Reaching adulthood from childhood is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. However, for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the transition from childhood to adulthood is quite difficult. Autistic individuals face a number of challenges right from their early childhood. As these people reach adulthood, unemployment becomes a major challenge for them . . . → Read More: Factors Behind Unemployment and Isolation of Autistic Young Adults

Easier Dentist Trips for Children With Autism

(Press Release)LOS ANGELES—Going to the dentist might have just gotten a little less scary for the estimated 1 in 68 U.S. children with autism spectrum disorder as well as children with dental anxiety, thanks to new research from USC.


In an article published on May 1 in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, . . . → Read More: Easier Dentist Trips for Children With Autism

Octopus Enrichment Program Begins at SEA LIFE Aquarium


(Press Release)CONCORD, N.C. (April 30, 2014) – Today, SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium (SEA LIFE) launched a new creature educational program, Octopus Enrichment. The program is designed to mentally stimulate SEA LIFE’s resident Giant Pacific octopus, Ruby. With proper engagement, Giant Pacific octopuses can develop the mental capacity of a five-year-old.


During daily . . . → Read More: Octopus Enrichment Program Begins at SEA LIFE Aquarium

Spectrum of Hope Musical Theater

music theater

(Press Release)NEW YORK, N.Y. – April 20, 2015 – SPECTRUM OF HOPE is the story of 10 musical theater students, their families, and their teachers as they journey from P94M, their special needs school in New York City’s Lower East Side, to the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. A celebration of the life-altering power . . . → Read More: Spectrum of Hope Musical Theater

Importance of Early Intervention For Children With Autism

UC Behavioral Analysis Program

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

Autism beyond the Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue Their Children

By Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes, with Foreword by Robert W. Sears, MD

By Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes, with Foreword by Robert W. Sears, MD

(Press Release)

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution (TMR) is a group of twenty-three moms (and one awesome dad) from Montana to Malaysia who all have children with developmental disabilities. Initially collaborating online about therapies, biomedical intervention, alternative medicine, special diets, and . . . → Read More: The Thinking Moms’ Revolution – Recommended Paper Writing Service

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