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Chuck E. Cheese’s For Autism Awareness Month

There are a few places that everyone in my family likes to go.  One of those places is Chuck E. Cheese.  When I was offered two family passes to visit a location near me, and write about it for Autism Awareness Month, I immediately agreed.  To make the experience the best for my autistic son, we always arrive at Chuck E. Cheese when it first opens up.  This means there we miss out on the crowd of people that makes it difficult to keep track of my wandering child.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived, was that the place had a new look.  There was new games to play, and they still had the same favorite ones that my kids loved.  My son was able to play his favorite Price Is Right game, and the Pharoah game.  I’m not sure if my son loves the lights of the games the most, or putting the tokens in by himself.  I enjoyed just watching him be a kid.  There’s never any feeling of being judged when we visit Chuck E. Cheese.  When we are there, my son is treated just like any other kid.  He’s there to have fun, and the employees all make sure that he has the best time.

My son had difficulties walking around Chuck E. Cheese, because he had hurt his knee the other day.  We started things off with giving him a chance to walk around and play some games.  Then, my husband and I had him take a break and  eat some pizza.  Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese has gluten free pizza?  My son isn’t on a gluten free diet, so we didn’t try it.  We had a regular pepporoni pizza and drinks.  My son enjoyed both.

We use one of the family passes, and gave the other one to a family that arrived before we were ready to leave.  The family we gave the second pass to had 3 young children, and it was one of the little one’s birthday.  The mom was so happy to be given the pass, and thanked me several times.  They were there just to play a few games, and the pass gave them the opportunity to make the visit even more special for their birthday child.  My daughter gave them the receipt for all the tickets her and her brother had won, and I was so proud of her.  She loves to pick out prizes at the end of a visit to Chuck E. Cheese, so it made me so proud to see her happily give that receipt to the other family.

By the time we left Chuck E. Cheese, everyone was really happy.  My kids enjoyed playing all the games, and having pizza for lunch.  The place was starting to fill up with people when we left.  No one wanted to go home, but my husband and I were worried about our son being on his leg too long.  The visit had been wonderful, and we all look forward to our next visit.

Autism Syndrome: Things To Consider When Vacationing

southport 038

There is no doubt that vacationing can be stressful as well as relaxing, and considering Autism can add to the difficulty. As with any activity, extensive planning is essential to help support the autistic vacationer. Take a look at our planning guide to help you.

Find an affordable holiday that is also autism . . . → Read More: Autism Syndrome: Things To Consider When Vacationing

What They Don’t Tell You About Autism

autism sign language

Raising a child with autism for the last 15 years, I have learned more than I could ever imagine about autism. There’s nothing like hands-on experience to teach you about autism. You can go online, or talk to “professionals,” but that is never enough to learn about your autistic child. A lot of . . . → Read More: What They Don’t Tell You About Autism

Raising A Child With Autism A Punishment

Dean Confirmation 5

I was going through and approving some comments, when I read one that really fired my engines. It was a comment from someone that obviously has no understanding of what it is like to raise an autistic child. It was left on a post I did about a mother and son suicide/murder. The . . . → Read More: Raising A Child With Autism A Punishment

Site Might Be Down For A Little Bit

My website host is doing some upgrading tomorrow, April 3. Because of this, my website might be down for a little bit. I’m not sure how long, if it even will be. They sent a notice out that it’s a possibility that my blog will temporarily be inaccessible for a short period of time.

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Autism Parent Dealing With Depression

Me and Autism Son

It’s not a surprise for another parent of an autism child to hear that I think I suffer from depression. A lot of autism parents feel that way. For me, it’s not an everyday battle. I have days when I feel fine, and other days when I don’t want to leave the house . . . → Read More: Autism Parent Dealing With Depression

Need Autism Awareness Month Articles

It’s that time of year, again. It tends to sneak up on me. I’m looking towards April, Autism Awareness Month, and am in need of articles to feature. I’m looking for articles from a unique perspective, about autism and children/adults with autism. I’m also interested in companies that strive to bring autism awareness to the . . . → Read More: Need Autism Awareness Month Articles

Southport and Oak Island For Birthday


We took a day and went to the beach for my son’s birthday. We stopped in Southport, first, and walked on the pier. The kids enjoyed watching the birds that were amassed all around. My daughter collected a couple feathers to put into her bird watching book. My son enjoyed walking up and down the . . . → Read More: Southport and Oak Island For Birthday

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