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Why Physicians should Attend the MAPS 2016 Spring Conference

MAPS 2016 Spring Conference


Autism affects a huge number of children in the world today. Research on this neurodevelopmental disorder is being conducted continuously to understand it better and find out treatments to cure it. The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) is a leading organization dedicated to preparing physicians and doctors offer quality care to kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other kinds of special needs conditions.

MAPS is going to organize the MAPS 2016 Spring Conference from April 28-30, 2016, at Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa, California. MAPS invites medical professionals of various fields to come and join this conference, to access valuable knowledge about autism and other developmental disorders. It would conduct an intensive Clinician CME Training on special needs and neurodevelopmental disorders during these three days.

If you are a physician or a medical professional, attend this conference to know the latest in the area of ASD. Here are certain things you can come to know by joining the conference:

What is autism?

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are general terms used to represent a group of brain development disorders. These issues are characterized by trouble in nonverbal and verbal communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors. ASD is associated with physical health problems like gastrointestinal and sleep disturbances, issues in motor coordination, and intellectual disability. Some individuals with ASD have above average talents in art, math, music and visual skills.

The roots of autism appear to be in early brain development. However, autism symptoms and the most obvious autism signs emerge between the ages of 2 and 3 years.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism:

No response on name being called (the kid may seem to be deaf)
Doesn’t point at things or objects of interest
Doesn’t play “pretend” games
Avoids eye contact
Wants to be left alone
Has difficulty in understanding, or showing understanding of their own feelings or feelings of other people
Has delayed speech or no speech
Repetition of phrases or words over and over
Gets upset at even minor changes
Spinning in circles, rocking body and flapping hands
Obsessive interests
Gives unusual reactions (under or over-sensitivity) to how things feel, look, taste, smell and sound
Has no or low social skills
Resists or avoids physical contact
Shows low danger or safety awareness

Diagnosis of Autism:

There is no medical test at present to diagnose autism. Specially trained psychologists and physicians carry out behavioral evaluations specific to autism. Doctors should listen to parents about the issues with their children, and then refer the children to proper specialists for diagnosis. Unfortunately, doctors who are not familiar with autism diagnosis, dismiss the concerns of parents at times, delaying the diagnosis as well as the opportunity to apply intervention therapies earlier. It’s important for medical professionals to listen to parent concerns carefully and guide them on what steps they need to take to treat their children.

Treatments and Interventions for Autism:

Every adult or child with autism is unique. So, each intervention plan for autism needs to be tailored to meet specific needs. Intervention can consist of medicines, behavioral treatments or both. Many autistic individuals suffer from other medical conditions too like gastrointestinal (GI) distress, seizures, and sleep disturbance. Addressing such conditions can lead to an improvement in learning, attention and related behaviors.

The whole family of a kid should be involved in the early behavioral intervention, and they should work closely with a group of professionals. Therapists come to homes to provide therapies in several early intervention programs. This may include training of parents, with the parents leading the therapy sessions under therapist’s supervision.

Different types of supports and therapies become necessary as an autistic child acquires and develops learning and social skills. As autistic kids enroll in school, it may be beneficial to provide them with a specialized teaching approach and targeted training of social skills.

Autistic adolescents may be helped by offering them with transition services, which promote employment opportunities for adulthood and maturation into independence.

These are the fundamental aspects about ASD that physicians from all medical fields should know. MAPS 2016 Spring Conference would see many doctors and medical professionals, who are experts in their respective fields of practice, delivering invaluable knowledge on autism and related developmental disorders. Register today for the conference to tap into their knowledge.

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