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Terminal Restraint: Disabled Adults Killed

The following is copy of part of an article that was shared with me in a comment.  Please click over and read the whole thing.  Stories like these are the main reason that I fear my son ever having to be in a long-term care facility.


They grabbed him, gave him a sedative and tackled him in a hallway at the Bernard Fineson Developmental Center in Queens Village, New York. Rasheen Rose, who was moderately retarded and fiercely protective of his personal space, had a 250-pound staffer sitting on his 180-pound frame, in an apparent effort to stop his “assaultive” and “self-abusive” behavior.

As he struggled to breathe, Rose, autistic and unable to speak, could only point to the bathroom, where he often showered to relax. Staffers, however, didn’t get the message.

Rose died during a roughly ten-minute “prone restraint,” a technique considered physical abuse and banned in New York because of the “increased risk of respiratory distress and serious injury, including death.”

The cause of 33-year-old’s death on Aug. 6, 2012 was positional asphyxiation, according to the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, which ruled Rose’s death a homicide. It took the center four months to report Rose’s death to the state Health Department authorities.

The complete story can be read here: Terminal Restraint: Disabled Adults Killed…


autism bakery

(PRESS RELEASE)Chicago, IL – Autism organization Have Dreams and ILOVESWEETS Bakery have created a recipe for success with a new workplace training program that helps give young adults with autism a pathway to employment. Have Dream’s pilot program – Have Dreams Academy – began this summer in Evanston, Illinois. The program introduced three young adults . . . → Read More: BAKERY SERVES UP SUCCESS STORIES FOR ADULTS WITH AUTISM

Halloween Craziness And Family Fun


I feel like I am going around in circles. I have so many things going on that I barely have time to check in here or my email. I am to the point that I can’t agree to do anything without looking at my calendar. Halloween parties for my daughter are filling up . . . → Read More: Halloween Craziness And Family Fun

Called To Grandma’s House


My grandmother doesn’t call that often. She’s like me, doesn’t care for talking on the phone. That’s why I love it when she does call me. It really makes my day. Last week, she called me and asked what I was doing on a certain date. I replied with the first answer that popped into . . . → Read More: Called To Grandma’s House

Boy Scouts And Special Allowances

autism potty training

My son has been doing really good in Boy Scouts. He enjoys being around the other kids, and loves when they go camping. He’s now at the point where he should be working on the Eagle Award. This is a big deal for Boy Scouts, and a difficult award to get. My husband . . . → Read More: Boy Scouts And Special Allowances

Change schools – not students – for more inclusive education

teacher force feeds hot sauce soaked crayons

(Press Release) A study of Australian mothers’ attempts to access more appropriate schooling for their autistic children offers a new perspective on inclusive education policies and practices.


Writing in the International Journal of Inclusive Education, Rozanna Lilley of Macquarie University draws on the experiences of eight New South Wales families whose children needed to . . . → Read More: Change schools – not students – for more inclusive education

The Toxic Trick in Halloween Candy and Why You Must Dump the Junk

“Dr. Lisa, I know that Halloween usually means handing out and collecting conventional candy, but the more I am reading about the ingredients in them, the more I question if this . . . → Read More: The Toxic Trick in Halloween Candy and Why You Must Dump the Junk

Employment First Policy for New York – Employment Support For Disabled


(Press Release)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed an executive order to establish the Employment First Commission, tasked with creating an Employment First policy for New York, which makes competitive, integrated employment the first option when considering supports and services for people with disabilities. The initiative aims to increase the employment rate, and decrease the . . . → Read More: Employment First Policy for New York – Employment Support For Disabled

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