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Important Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is a part of ASD or autism spectrum disorder. Medical experts say that it is a mild form of autism that doesn’t usually manifest with extreme mental problems or disabilities. A person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome will have some clear outward characteristics such as being clumsy, lack of non-verbal communication and poor social skills. The exact causes of this syndrome are not known, but experts believe that genes or exposure to certain chemicals may cause this disorder. There are some important symptoms that can tell you if your child, family member or someone else has Asperger’s Syndrome, which are highlighted below:

Failure to develop friendships

Cultivating friendships is often difficult amongst children who have Asperger’s syndrome. Their lack of social skills makes it difficult for them to connect with others. They may find it difficult to participate in group activities or talk to other children. Some children suffering from the syndrome may want to share a deep connection with others, but find it difficult. Yet, there are also cases where children with Asperger’s prefer to be on their own and have no desire to make friends.

Selective mutism

Another symptom that may be displayed by young children with Asperger’s is selective mutism. This means that they will only speak in the presence of those they are comfortable with and will not communicate with strangers. This usually happens when young children are at school or in a public place.

Unable to empathize

Empathizing with others is difficult for sufferers of Asperger’s syndrome. As they grow older, they will learn the accepted social response that should be made when interacting with others. This means that they will react the right way and make the right response, but will not truly understand why the person is upset. This can be a problem in childhood because the kids may be harsh with others or play too roughly and not understand why it is wrong.

Unable to make eye contact

If you take the Asperger’s test for kids, one symptom that’s often asked about is the child’s ability to make eye contact. Some people who suffer from this disorder are unable to make eye contact altogether whereas others find it difficult to hold eye contact. It is believed by some that this stems due to a lack of confidence.

Socially awkward

It is completely wrong to assume that those with Asperger’s syndrome are not passionate. Some of them become socially active and may end up forming very close friendships. There are also those who may surround themselves with peers, have lots of acquaintances, but don’t have any deep friendships. This is because they may be socially awkward.

Narrowed interests

One common symptom of children with Asperger’s is that they may not do well in school, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have other interests. They are focused on specific activities such as playing video games, drawing or making models. These activities are often a source of comfort for them.

Knowing these important symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome can be helpful in identifying this disorder

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