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IEP Meeting Yesterday

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I had the meeting yesterday and we had to schedule a second one to finish up. It was very difficult. We covered his old IEP first. That wasn’t too bad. My son accomplished 57% of his goals.

Then we were ready to go over the new one. They asked me what my concerns were and I told them that I wanted to see more academics at his level. He is so bored with what they are teaching him. That is when the arguing started. Every time I started to say something, someone would pipe in and talk over me. I hate that! Really, I don’t interrupt anyone in the meeting when they are talking. I deserve to be heard out. I was calm and reasonable. Let me finish my sentence!

After ten minutes of this, I lost it. I was so mad, I had to get up and walk out of the room. I paced up and down the hall, trying to calm down. The principal came out and we talked for a few minutes. She understood and together, we went back into the meeting. She explained to everyone what my concerns were and what I wanted. Then she ended by telling them that “Mom doesn’t want to argue about it.”

We covered two goals before I had to leave in order to be home before the kids. We have to have a second meeting to finish the new IEP. What really irritates me is that they have already written up a new IEP, with goals. They have done so without my input. So far, they are concentrating on goals like: typing out his name and address independently. Well, right now, he doesn’t want to do that.

My son does things at his own choosing. Establishing goals that he does not want to work on at this time is stupid. He is showing great progress with his writing. Last night, we were writing his name on his homework sheet. I helped him get started with the first letter and he did the rest completely independently. I was so impressed and proud. This is the area that he is progressing in. This is the area he is interested in. Why not center the IEP around writing instead of typing?

Oh, and his academic level? 6th grade and above. He learns (when being taught) at a fast rate. He is being taught academics that are 3rd grade and below. No wonder he doesn’t want to do anything for them. I’m not giving up. My son’s needs will be met, even if it means taking him out of school and homeschooling him.

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