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Autism Moms Thursday Budget Cuts

Today, for Autism Moms Thursday, I have decided to cover the topic “Budget Cuts.” I want us to write up a post about how budget cuts for your state or nationwide have had a direct impact on our children or family. It doesn’t have to be long, it can be a short and to the point post.

Here’s mine. Please, add your link to the McKlinky and invite all your blogging friends to join us. You can copy the Autism Mom Thursday picture above and link it to this post. Thanks.

The biggest way that budget cut backs has affected my son is with his communication device. We have been waiting for approval for four months. We should have had it in August, but because of budget cuts, I don’t know if it will ever be approved.

I am currently using the TapToTalk system with my son, and I love it. However, it is a basic communication and my son needs a more adviced augmen. device. Using the TapToTalk has given him a voice, but he needs to be able to say more than what the TapToTalk is capable of doing.

Another way we feel the budget cuts is in the summer camp that the Autism Society of NC has closed down. They had two camps for autistic children, and have had to close one of them down for lack of funding. This will make it harder for my son to get into camp, since only one is available for our children. Attending a week long overnite camp provides my son with a great experience that he is only able to receive from a camp that specializes in caring for autistic children. It provided me with a much needed respite.

I have also felt the sting of reduced services for my son. Let me clarify. He is receiving the same services, but the monitoring of them has been changed. I no longer have the same amount of interaction with his case manager. I used to talk with her every month. We would have an informal meeting here at my house. Now, I haven’t talked to her for three months, and that was a quick call over the phone. She has no idea what he is doing or how we are. It’s like we have been put on a shelf and said to make do with what we have.

How have budget cuts impacted you and your child? I want to read everyones post on this. Maybe, if enough people join in on this week’s Autism Moms Thursday, we can create enough of a buzz for someone to take notice.

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