Tap To Talk Autism Communication and Our Reactions

Tap To Talk and Our Reactions

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post about Tap To Talk, click here to go and read it. Then come back and read this post. Yesterday I wrote about the TapToTalk StarterKit and the design process of for setting up your albums. Today, I want to share how using the TapToTalk has affected our family, especially my son.

Our Reactions to Using Tap To Talk

My mom has a Nintendo DS Lite that she keeps at the house for the grandkids that come visit. My daughter loves playing it when we go there to visit. Mom was going to give this to us for my son to use the TapToTalk on, but my husband and I decided it would be best to go out and buy one for our son. This way, when we go visit, our daughter can use my mom’s DS Lite to play games and our son would be able to communicate with his.

I love the stylus that comes with the DS Lite. It allows my son to choose pictures without using his fingers. Since my son hates using his fingers to touch (because of his sensory aversion issues) the stylus is an important necessity in making this a successful communication alternative for him.

The stylus is small, another good point and the screen on the DS Lite is very sensitive. This means that my son doesn’t have to apply pressure to the screen to activate a picture with sound. Another great thing about the DS Lite, is that it is fast becoming a common accessory for young kids. Carrying his around does not set him apart from other kids. In fact, it helps him blend in. It is also light and easy to carry.

My husband and I felt that it was important to purchase the protector case for the DS Lite. The last thing we want to do is replace the DS Lite every time my son drops it. Face it, kids drop things. It happens, and to think that it won’t is like sticking your head in the sand.

My son loves communicating with the Tap To Talk on the DS Lite. He does so independently. This is such an awesome accomplishment for him. He had become so dependent on taking someone’s hand and using it to communicate. He has always hated using his own finger to type or touch the computer screen. We could get him to do it, but he would always resist.

It had gotten to the point that I honestly believe that he has determined that the only correct way to type or use the computer touch screen is by using someone else’s fingers. (grabbing their hand and guiding the other person’s finger across the keyboard or computer screen).

Since we started using the Tap To Talk, he has been independent with communication. We made it clear right at the start, that he had to use the stylus himself. He did try to give it to us and take our hand to communicate, but no one lets him get away with that.

The first time he used this was to communicate what he wanted to eat and drink for supper. The smile on his face was amazing. He answered quickly and was rewarded with what he wanted. Since then, he has used it to tell us how he feels and where he wants to go. I am still building up his library of pictures and his albums. You can have up to ten albums loaded onto your Tap To Talk memory card.

Final post will be tomorrow. Please come back to finish reading my review of Tap To Talk.

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