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Lowe’s Foods Honors Scan Guarantee Policy

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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I spent mine with my grandma. It was great. We had lasagna and pumpkin pie. My grandma makes the best lasagna. I had turkey earlier in the week (and I have plenty of left overs for). Turkeys were on sale, so I couldn’t resist getting one. There are a lot of meals that can be made from the meat you get with a whole turkey.

I went to Lowe’s Foods the other week to get my turkey. They had a great sale on one particular brand, when you use your rewards card. It was 99 cents a pound and a ten dollar cash coupon to use on your next purchase if you purchased a turkey that was 18 lbs or more. My husband and I looked over the turkeys and found one that was almost 19 lbs. It was big, and my husband wasn’t too happy with me getting one that big, at first. I talked him into it. It was a great price for it.

We finished our shopping and went to the check out register. I wasn’t paying attention to what was being rung up, but my husband was. He thought he saw the full price of the turkey ring up. That was $24.34 and it should have been $18.68. I asked the cashier and we looked at the receipt. My husband was right. It had rung up as $24.34. I did have her scan my card before she started ringing up the order. The other items were discounted properly.

I asked her if the store still had the scan guarantee policy. She said yes, but that she couldn’t give me the full price of the turkey as a discount. It has always been my understanding that the scan guarantee policy was that if an item scans at the wrong price, you receive one of that item for free. In the past, they would just give you the one item you were buying for free. You didn’t actually have to get a second one as the free item. I used to work for Lowe’s Foods, but it was a long time ago. Policies change and the store no longer had the sign posted where I could see it.

However, since the cashier said it was still store policy, I insisted that it be honored. She called for the manager. The manager said that it only works if you pay for your groceries, leave and then come back and show them the receipt. That sounded so wrong. It seemed like the manager just didn’t want to honor store policy on this high ticketed item. I remained calm and discussed it with (argued really) the manager. Finally, I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere taking this tact, so I asked to see the policy in writing.

If store policy had changed, I was willing to accept that, but I was not going to let the store get away with not honoring their policy if I was right. And, I was pretty sure I was right. It took a while, the manager had to print the policy out from a computer, but after a couple attempts he finally came back with a sheet of paper and was talking to someone on the phone.

He asked the cashier if my card had been scanned, he looked at the price sticker on the turkey, and everything was correct. My card had been scanned, and the turkey was priced correctly. He told her to take the full amount of the turkey off plus an extra $10. Hooray! I was right and the store honored it’s policy.

The funny part of this story is that, while I was paying for our groceries, my husband asked the manager what exactly the policy was. The manager just said it was a computer problem and that it was taken care of. He never actually told us what the policy was. He never showed us the print out. I was ok with that, because if I was in the wrong, I never would have walked out of the store with a free turkey. I also liked the extra $10 off of my groceries. I just can’t help but wonder why they did this? Was it part of store policy or just home office trying to make a customer happy? Either way, my wallet sure appreciated it.

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