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BlogHer 2010 Conference for Bloggers

There are several good blogger conferences each year that I would love to attend. Currently, the buzz is on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I received an invitation to attend, but can not afford to. Even if I could raise the money on short notice, I would also have to consider the fact that I would have to bring my husband and kids.

This would be great, except that it is impossible for me to attend the conference activities and leave the kids with my husband to manage. Since my son is autistic, it really takes two of us together to do things in public.

The conference that I am working on attending this year is the BlogHer 2010 Conference in New York. This will be a huge event that will allow bloggers to get together and learn from one another. I am really looking forward to it.

I am trying to get sponsors to cover the expense of going. I would like my husband to go with me. This will only work if my parents will be able to watch the kids. My father would be alone with them while my mom is at work for two of the days. This may be too difficult for him. If push comes to shove, I may have to make it a family trip and my husband will have to entertain the kids in the hotel room when I was doing things that they could not participate in.

So far, I have one sponsor that has covered my event ticket and hotel deposit. Jones Dairy Farm has been supportive of my blog and is sympathetic with families raising an autistic child. Their reaction to the new autism rates is just one of the reasons that I am proud to have them as a sponsor. “The recent autism figures released by the CDC really help shed light on the increasing number of families who are struggling with this disorder,” said Philip Jones, president of Jones Dairy Farm, a six generation family business best known for all natural breakfast sausage. “If our gluten-free certified products help parents in even a small way, then we couldn’t be more pleased. Jones Dairy Farm is glad to be able to provide protein-rich foods that both kids and adults love to eat.”

I am in need of more sponsors to make attending this conference possible. If you are a company that would be interested in sponsoring me, please feel free to email me at No amount is too small or too big. By sponsoring me for the BlogHer 2010 Conference, your company will benefit in advertisement on my site and having me as a representative at the conference. New BlogHer guidelines prevent me from being able to hand out your promotional information, but I am allowed to wear clothing with your company info on it.

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