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Blogger And PR Product Pitch Website Groups

There are more and more groups and websites popping up around the internet for bloggers and PR representatives to join. These groups are to allow bloggers to share product pitches for reviews and giveaways with other bloggers and for PR representatives to find bloggers to review their clients’ products. Some of these groups to not cost any money to join, and some do.

The Product Review Place – A ning group, free to join and get access to PR pitches. If you want access to the really good pitches, you have to join their elite list of bloggers at a cost of $5 a month.

MomDot VIP Forum – $6 a month, and you have access to pitches that are placed on the forum by a few PR representatives, but mostly other bloggers. I have been a member for a year and have benefited from it. However, I am taking a break from it because of money issues. I have found this to be one of the better sites that are on the internet.

Business2Blogger – Is a new site. I have been a member for a short period of time. It is free to join, but it is hard to get an opportunity from them.

TeamMom – I had to wait a long time to become a member of this group. It is free to join, but there is a waiting list. At least, there was a long waiting list when I applied. I’ve enjoyed being a member and have enjoyed the opportunities that they have given me.

MomSelect – This group was free to join. I have been on their list for about a year. I have received some good opportunities in the past, but lately they have not been so good. Mostly, they are asking you to attend Twitter parties or write a post about something in exchange for being entered into a contest.

The Cleverist – This is a new group. I just joined it and have no feedback to give you at this time. It was free to join.

AutismLearningFelt Forum – Yes, this is on my little forum. It’s a special VIP Blogger group. Very small. It’s free to join and specializes in product reviews and giveaways for those that have a special needs blog.

I’m sure there are more out there. These are the ones that I am familiar with. I strongly urge all bloggers to be careful which groups you join. Some are worth spending the $5 or $6 on. Others, are not. Free groups can be great, but may also be difficult to get opportunities from. Free groups tend to draw a lot of bloggers, thus more competition for opportunities that are listed in that group.

Also, be careful about groups that promise you something great if you join. There are new groups that are promising bloggers that join, and are accepted, free vacations. You sign up, fill out what type of products you would like to review, along with where you would like them mailed. They send out products to you, (some not even what you checked as interested in reviewing) and a note saying that they are sorry, but the company they bought the vouchers for went bankrupt.

Be smart, be careful, and be quick. When you see an opportunity that you like, don’t wait, respond. If you find a group that sounds too good to be true, it just may be. If you are just starting out in the product review and giveaway area, try working with groups that have been around for a while. MomDot and TeamMom are great. If you blog about special needs, join my small group. I don’t post a lot of opportunities in it, but the ones that I do are nice.

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