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Look Mom It’s A Dinosaur Butt

I couldn’t believe it. I swear, it sounded like she said “Look Mom! A dinosaur butt!” What she actually said was “Look Mom! A dinosaur foot!” It was hilarious. My daughter is always coming out with things that take me by surprise, so I wouldn’t have put it past her to have said “butt” instead of “foot.”

We didn’t get to spend that much time on the beach. We arrived at Carolina Beach in the evening. It was too cold and too dark to take a walk on the sand. Our hotel was right on the beach and our room had a view of the water.

It also had a window right in front of the bed I was sleeping in and the sun rose right there. It was like waking up to a bright light aimed right at your eyes. We got up early Sunday, which is usual with our kids. After getting everyone together and everything together, we went for a walk on the beach and collected shells.

My daughter loves looking for shells. My son, not so much. As you can see from the picture, he just wanted to leave. Walking along the sand was no fun. The water was too cold for swimming. We didn’t even bother to bring swimming suits.

We ended up taking a short walk on the beach, collected a few shells, and then went in search of a store to get a drink. First, we had to stop and deposit the shells and the “dinosaur foot” into the truck. Yes, we brought it home. It was heavy, but my husband was a good sport about it. He carried it all the way to the truck. I wanted to see what it looked like all cleaned up. I thought it would be nice in our garden. My husband wants to break it up and see what is inside.

It turned out to be a nice day at the beach. It warmed up as the day went on. Carolina Beach, NC is a really nice place to visit during the off season. It costs a lot less to rent a room. We rented a two-bed efficiency at the Savannah Inn. I like staying in a room with a kitchen. We paid $75 for the night. That’s a little higher than what we usually pay, but the room was nice and the beds were comfortable. They have a pool, but I didn’t bother to find out if it was heated, since we didn’t bring bathing suits.

We had a great time at the Aquarium. I’ll tell you all about that, tomorrow.

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