Learning Activities for Autistic Children You Can Do at Home

Learning Activities for Autistic Children You Can Do at Home

In the spirit of Autism Awareness month, this is the opportunity to find out more about this condition and meet the needs of your autistic child. Autism affects almost one in six children in the United States, and it can be easily coped with through learning activities that are best suited for the autistic child.  Here are some top learning activities for autistic children.

Top Learning Activities for Autistic Children

1. Songs: Songs and poetry are the perfect choice for autistic children, who may like the sound of a repetitive song. Rhyming will keep the attention of your autistic child, especially with the use of interactive songs that require skipping or clapping. This is the chance to reach your autistic child creatively and even have him or her makeup songs of their own.
2. Baking: Autistic children are stimulated by their senses, so it is a wonderful idea to have your child help you with a simple baking activity, where they can gently mix cookie dough, play with flour, or add chocolate chips to a recipe. On top of that, they get to enjoy a delicious treat that they have helped to make themselves!
3. Board Games: Simple board games for children help an autistic child learn to count and take turns. This will also help with social interaction and learning, with the use of a gaactivities for autism childrenme like Scrabble or Clue.
4. Sports: Many autistic children can enjoy playing sports with other children, though it is best to choose a sport that requires less equipment. Simpler sports are the opportunity for your autistic child to become active, though full contact and interactive sports like tackle football may not be the best option.
5. I Spy: This is the occasion to take your child out into the world to learn more about his or her surroundings. You can start out with hikes or nature walks that will become interesting with the use of the game I Spy. This can help your autistic child to start to identify birds, leaves, flowers, and other staples of the great outdoors.
With these top activities, you have the opportunity to play with your child as they learn and grow in autism. Many of these activities can help with social skills, sensory stimulation, and comfortability in a learning environment!

- Written by Bethany North, The Coffe Bump
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