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Simple Advice to Increase Your Autism Awareness

Whether or not you have a family member or friend with a child with autism, it is still important to increase your awareness in your daily life. There may be public situations involving autistic children, and this helpful advice can help you react accordingly instead of making the situation worse.

If a child were to have a public tantrum, which can often happen with an autistic child, try your best not to stare and draw attention to the situation. It is best to ignore any type of autistic tantrum, or even give the parent support by smiling at them. Furthermore, if a small autistic boy is taken with his mother into the women’s bathroom, it may make a few ladies uncomfortable. Instead of looking on disapprovingly, give them the benefit of the doubt since many autistic children have a difficulty going to the bathroom alone.

From there, if you happen to be out and about in a restaurant, you could experience disruption from a an autistic child. In most cases, it is better to let the situation resolve itself instead of getting offended as a diner since the parents will do their best to take control of the autistic child if he or she has an outburst. In other circumstances, if an autistic child that you don’t know gets close to you and impulsively hugs you, it is best to be responsive and gentle instead of simply pushing the child away. Autistic children have different impulses and reactions to social situations, and they may not understand social boundaries in not touching a stranger.

Last of all, autistic children could make inappropriate comments if they do talk, like saying that someone is ugly or fat. If that’s the case, there is no reason to scold the child since they don’t have the same social graces as many other children, but instead let the parent deal with the situation. These circumstances are bound to happen with an autistic child, and you can make them even more pleasant by doing your part in autism awareness!

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