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The Struggle with Autism for Immigrants

Many Americans have a difficult time coping with the diagnosis of autism in a child, but can you imagine how much more difficult it could be for an immigrant family? Of course, many immigrants do not have the same access to healthcare, jobs, or a secure income, making the treatment and diagnosis of an autistic child even more difficult.

On top of that, many immigrant families often encounter the common dilemma of a doctor not speaking their native language. If their child is exhibiting strange symptoms related to autism, they may not be able to communicate that to the doctor if English is not their first language, or if there is not a translator available. In some cases, the doctor may simply tell the parents of the child that their child is physically healthy, although the child may be having behavioral issues relating to autism.

In other related cases, fathers have walked out on families with children with autism, leaving a single mother who is also an immigrant having to work multiple jobs. In a case like this, the wife may not have paperwork, education, or even a car, making it difficult for her to care for her family, especially if a child has autism.

In many other cases of immigrants diagnosed with autism, the family may not have the proper education to deal with the condition. If a child is exhibiting strange behaviors related to autism, like issues with social interaction, withdrawing, or rocking back and forth, the family may just keep the child away from other people instead of seeking treatment.

The bottom line is that the diagnosis of autism can be a difficult occurance for any American family, but even more so with the difficulties immigrant families face in the United States. They may not have access to healthcare, a regular income, or even the resources to deal with this type of diagnosis.

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