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Celebrities and Special Needs Children: Raising Awareness or Child Exploitation?

Having a special needs child is something that no one is immune to. It happens every day, all around the globe. Rich people, poor people and everyone in between. Even celebrities.

Some would call it a Hollywood “trend.” Celebrities shouting from the rooftops about how they are raising a special needs child. Yet, can this really be viewed as a trend? Or is it simply a matter of raising awareness?

Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have gotten plenty of guff for what some people claim is nothing short of exploitation when it comes to sounding off about her autistic son. Some wonder if she used to him resurrect her stalling career or that her former beau, Jim Carrey.

Though it may be tempting to point fingers and accuse a celebrity of the “any press is good press” mantra, nobody can deny the fact that McCarthy has tirelessly donated her time and resources to raise autism awareness via several charities and events, including the Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Autism Organization – Generation Rescue.

In another example, celebrity/politician/author, ex-Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, was accused of using her son Trig, who suffers from Down syndrome, as a campaign ploy and a push for her stance on Right to Life issues. While Ms. Palin vehemently denies doing anything other than sharing her “colorful” family with the nation, the rest of the country couldn’t help but take notice of Down syndrome issues, which spawned a resurgence in educating later-in-life mothers about the risks involved in having babies after age 35.

While having a special needs child is no easy road to travel and there is no safe online pharmacy to go to and make it all “go away” there is much to be said for those who are brave enough to share their “normal-to-them” children with the rest of society. Celebrities or otherwise. Because sharing these special, wonderful gifts of God raises awareness on several levels, which often translates into raising money and resources for the cause. And that, any way you slice it, can only be a good thing!


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