ABA Therapy and Trying to Get it For Autism Teaching

ABA Therapy and Trying to Get it For Autism Teaching

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I met with my son’s case manager. She is still working on getting my son a communication device. Apparently, his former case manage left things a mess. She quit and his new one is trying to fix everything. His new case manager isn’t familiar with communication devices or Boardmaker.  I also planned on asking her about ABA therapy.

A couple years ago, we were able to get a touch screen and Boardmaker. His CAP services/Medicaid paid for them. The company that is responsible for approving the communication device we are trying to get, asked her why does he need it when he just got a communication device. I explained to her that he didn’t get a communication device. He received software and a touch screen that can be used on the computer. He needs a communication device that he can take anywhere.

ABA Therapy for Autistic Son

She understood after I explained. Then I brought up ABA. I firmly believe that my son would benefit from ABA therapy. I’ve tried and tried to get it, but either there were no providers in the area or insurance wouldn’t pay. I asked her to check into it. There are providers in the area, but I don’t know if CAP or my son’s insurance will pay for it. If my son was 3 years old, I would be able to get ABA for him with no problem. Only, he’s not. He’s 11. When he was 3, he wasn’t even diagnosed ASD. He was diagnosed with “Global Delays.” Globally delayed is all we heard, until he was 5 years old. That was when he was diagnosed with Autism. Of course, the school had to be convinced. That took a lot of doing.

From everything I have read, ABA can benefit all ages. It is believed that the younger the child, the more ABA can benefit him. That is great, but please don’t forget about my son, just because he isn’t the age you think he should be to receive ABA therapy. He is still learning. His OT and I were working with him on throwing a ball the other day. His biggest problem with that is letting go of the ball. We actually got him to do that. We were so proud of him.

His case manager said she will call me Friday and let me know what she found out. I hope it’s good news and not bad. I really think he needs this.

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