3 Year Old Autistic Boy Justin Styer Left On Bus

3 Year Old Autistic Boy Justin Styer Left On School Bus

Last month, I wrote a post about the number of fatalities of children left in vehicles during the summer. It happens every year. It’s not just parents that do it, but also bus drivers. We hear about children left on the bus and found hours later. It frustrates me when I hear about an incident like this.

Yesterday, a three year old autistic boy was left on the bus. Justin Styer had fallen asleep. His father called the school when the bus had not dropped his son off. The call was placed about thirty minutes after the time Justin should have been dropped off. The school did not know where the boy was.

40 minutes later, Justin’s parents received the phone call from the school about their son. He had fallen asleep on the school bus. “He was asleep on the bus,” said Styer. “And they were parked in the parking lot… they were done for the day. He was in the closed up bus on a hot summer day – no windows down… the bus was locked up.” (abclocal)

Justin was taken to the hospital and treated for mild dehydration. If the parents had not called as quickly as they did, this could have been a tragedy. I don’t understand how this keeps happening. How do you forget about a child on your bus? Especially, a child so young?

The solution to these horrible occurrences is so simple and easy. Bus drivers need to walk up and down the aisle of their bus, checking each seat for children, before locking the bus up and leaving. One minute of their time could save a child’s life. No child should ever be left in a bus.

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  • Stephanie Bruce

    Our son charlie was five (not autistic) and his second week of kindergarten he fell asleep on the bus. They had done all their stops and he didnt get off. I called about 10 minutes past his dropoff time (paranoia runs in the family lol) and they realized he was asleep. I knew then I had to make a point to make sure he got off when he was supposed to. His bus driver had a note for both kindergarten and first grade to make sure he sat in the first three rows and that he had a habit of falling asleep and missing his stop and to check on him. Accidents do happen, but its when they happen more than once it makes you wonder. Bus drivers are supposed to check their bus at the end of the day, They should have found justin when they checked the bus. There is no reason why they cant take two minutes and go up and down the aisle to make sure no kids are left behind.

    • Tammy

      I’m glad everything worked out fine for your son. It’s scary to think that this is a common occurance. A minute or two of the bus drivers time could save a life. No child should be left behind.

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