Appreciating Raising My Autistic Son

Appreciating Raising My Autistic Son


Raising an autistic child is stressful.  Raising an autistic child is difficult.  Not enough time and not enough money.  We say and hear these things all of the time.  What about the positive’s of raising an autistic child?  Do we take time to appreciate the gift we have in our child?  This article will be all about appreciating raising my autistic son.

Recently, I wrote a post about praising my autistic son.  We work hard together, and I appreciate how patient he can be when I’m not using the right method to teach him.  It’s not his fault that I haven’t figured it all out.  It’s a wondrous thing when I do figure out what I am doing wrong and correct myself.  The way he responds fills me with joy.

I love going bowling as a family.  My son doesn’t like to actually bowl, but he likes to go with us.  If possible, I get us the lane by the juke box.  He loves to stand there and look at it.  Last night, we were able to do so.  We also lucked out and someone was playing music on it.  The night got better, because that person had also picked a song by my son’s favorite singer, Shania Twain.  When it came on, his face lit up, he had a huge grin, and stated giggling.  This was a precious moment for me. 

My son loves to make others happy.  He saves his money up doing the year and buys his sister the perfect Christmas present.  He always seems to know what will make her happy.  He also is very patient with her.  When she gets to playing, and bossing him around, he doesn’t get upset.  he just sits there and takes it.  It takes a special person to put up with a bossy 7 year old sister.

I love how my son sleeps through the night.  I love that he can get himself ready for bed, without me getting his clothes out for him.  I also love that he puts his dirty clothes in the basket without being told.  These are things all moms appreciate in their child.  Now, if I can only get the rest of my family to put all of their dirty clothes into their clothes baskets.

I appreciate how my son makes sure we never leave anthing in our vehicle that is supposed to go into the house.  My daughter is really bad about leaving things in the backseat.  Dean will bring them in the house for her.  I really appreciate this, because it saves me a trip out to the car later.

Now, I want to hear from you.  What things to you appreciate with your child?  It doesn’t matter if your child is autistic.  I think it’s important that we all take time to appreciate our children.

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  • Awww now the bowling and jukebox made me smile! DJ doesn’t like bowling. Isn’t a fan of it and I think it has to do with the noise. I love it when DJ just comes out of the blue and makes his sister laugh. He is so very caring at times. I love when he is bored and he says Mommy I think you need a huge or what are you doing. It’s the little things that surely can make one smile.

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