Autistic Man Left In Van Died

Autistic Man Left In Van Died

20 year old nonverbal, autistic man was left in a van for 5 hours.  He was left in the van by caregivers. The investigators estimate that the tempature inside the van would have been about 150 degrees.  Just last week, I wrote about a 3 year old that had been left on a school bus. Luckily, he survived. This young man was not so lucky. This scares me to death. My son is nonverbal, and one day, he may be left in the hands of caregivers in a residential home. This is right out of my nightmare scenarios of things that could happen. It makes me believe that the only way my son will be taken care of if something were to happen to either myself or my husband, would be if my son were left in the care of family. Is that practical, though? Will a member of my family be able to take care of him? If my daughter is old enough, would she take care of him?

I just don’t understand how you can leave someone in a vehicle. Two caregivers were in the van and three other residents. The other three were taken out of the van, yet this poor soul wasn’t. How can that happen? The two caregivers have been suspended, but too little, too late, as far as I am concerned.

This also gets me to thinking about my son and his community worker. Is he truly safe with her? I think so, but how can I be 100% sure? It’s difficult not to be paranoid about how my son is being cared for under someone else’s supervision. It’s not just his community worker. I worry about him when he is in the care of family. My parents love him, but they have a hard time relating to him. My son loves being with them. When he spends a day or weekend with them, I worry that his wants and needs are being met. One thing I don’t worry about, though, is his safety. I know that my son is safe with my parents. Is he safe with his community worker? I believe so, but, as I said earlier, how can I ever be 100% sure?

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