Take A Step Back With Your Autistic Child

Take A Step Back With Your Autistic Child

Don’t be afraid to take a step back with your autistic child.  There are times when you have to take a step back  in order to move forward.  I have had to do so on several occassions with my son.  It’s not always easy, but it is worth it in the end.

My son used to be really good at communicating with a touch screen.  He used to be really good with both the BoardMaker and TapToTalk.  Something happened, and he regressed.  I noticed it while he was still in public school.  It was one of the reasons that I pulled him out.  It got to the point that he wouldn’t use the computer and he fought using his TapToTalk.

I arranged for private speech therapy, and he started to make progress.  Then we noticed he wasn’t paying attention to the questions we would ask, and figuring out the answer.  He was watching us, looking for clues as to what the correct answer was.

That was when we decided to take a step back.  We went from multiple pictures on the screen, down to two pictures.  His therapist and I are also making sure that we don’t give any kind of hint as to what he should answer.

We also have difficulty with the time it takes for him to answer.  The more time he takes, the more time he has to pick up a clue from us.  To solve that problem, we give him a time limit.  He has to answer quickly, or we answer for him, and move on to the next question.  He is responding to this really well.  It is my hope that he will soon be able to have more pictures on the screen.  I am also going to video my son during a session, and show it to the therapists and teacher at school.  We are supposed to get together for a meeting before school starts.  It’s always better if they can see it with their own eyes. 

Taking a step back with my autistic child is working out.  He is progressing with his communication.  My advice to all parents is to not be afraid to do the same with their child.  You may find it will be the best thing you can do for your child.

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