Update On Saiqa Akhter

Update on Saiqa Akhter

I reported earlier on Saiqa Akhter, Texas mother arrested for the death of her two children.  The 911 tapes were released and met with shock and horror throughout the autism community.  It has been reported that she has been placed on a suicide watch.

In case you missed my earlier post, Saiqa Akhter admitted to a 911 operator to killing her two autistic children.  First, she tried using bathroom cleaner.  When that didn’t work, she strangled them with a wire.  While she was on the phone with the operator, she seemed more concerned with washing the bathroom cleaner off of her hands, than what she did to her children.

Since I wrote my earlier post, I have read articles from other autism parents and had discussions with a few.  I was tweeting with @xtremeparnthood and she told me “I wanted to see some Walker Texas Ranger style justice for that woman!”  She also wrote a great article that I agreed with 100%.

We both think that Saiqa Akhter is a monster.  We aren’t the only ones.  Comments left on our blogs were of the same belief.  On twitter, mom blogs and other online communities, the same sentiment was shared.  We are all outraged and disgusted with what this monster has done.  She took the lives of her children.  It doesn’t matter how difficult raising an autistic child is, let alone two.  Nothing excuses her actions.  Nothing warrants ending your children’s lives.  She needs to be given the death penalty for her actions.

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