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Video of Nonverbal Autistic Girl Shows Intelligence With Typing

This video moved me.  It gives me hope for my nonverbal son.

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  • This story is so amazing. I’ve been crying through the whole thing. Hopefully this will be a good thing… I feel for all autistic kids.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me. It’s made me a better person.

  • oh this made me cry! Her words say exactly what autistic children go through. My good friend has a son that is just as far on the spectrum as Carly. He is 5 or 6 right now. He bangs his head, flaps, doesn’t talk much but loves to tear up paper and pick at books tearing them in small pieces. When I babysat him I had no instruction about how to handle him and was overwhelmed by his fits. Now I am understanding it a bit better.

    Oh thank you for sharing this Tammy!!
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    • Tammy

      Your welcome. It gave me some insight into my son. It also gave me hope, that one day, he will be able to talk fluently on the computer.

  • My daughter just turned three, and has very few words, but has made progress with picture/token exchange and has found some rather creative ways to express her needs.

    On the rare occasions when she comes out with a barely legible statement that I manage to understand & repeat back to her correctly, the big smile she gets from finally being understood is priceless. I still believe that she will talk with time, but it is good to see, this is a backup option.
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    • Tammy

      I know just the smile you are referring to. I get it from my son when he uses his communication device to get his wants known. It’s a great moment for both of us.

  • Judy

    Wow, that is an awesome video. It was sad to watch at first especially when people were considering her to be mentally retarded and then they came to the realization that she was very very smart indeed.

    Computers are amazing, I’m so happy for Carly, keep up the great work – this wonderful change looks great on you.


  • After reading the comments I really wished I could watch the video .. to bad YouTube took it down. The Science Channel has has a few shows on Autism recently and it is very interesting that all people have special talents and can provide so much even with a social hindrance. Thanks for the post

    Scott & Marie S.

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