An Amazing Autism Success Story

An Amazing Autism Success Story

I would like to take a little time and introduce to you, Jasper Steed. Jasper is the creator and owner of several online websites, including Jake’s Stuff and Autism Smiles LLC.

Jasper is a 22 year old young man, and he is autistic. When he was younger, he was nonverbal. He was also taken away from his mom when he was very young, because it was believed at that time that disabled children needed to be taken care of by professionals. I’m glad that people now realize that you can not replace a parent’s love and nurturing.

I have had several opportunities to talk with Jasper on the phone. He is an amazing young man. He works hard to bring together resources for autistic children. His website, Autism Smiles LLC, is a great example of the kind of help families would like to see.

Jasper spends hours each day, talking with companies and getting them to sponsor autistic children that are members of his website. Currently, he is working on a deal with a company that will help provide communication devices to children whose parents can not afford to buy one, and insurance won’t pay for.

Jasper also has developed several software programs to help nonverbal children learn how to communicate. He also has plans to offer an online school for homeschoolers.

It’s amazing how much this young man has accomplished at such a young age. He is very determined, and very dedicated to helping others. Talking with him has been a joy. I’m also impressed with what I have learned about his mother. She seems to be his anchor. Her advice to me, “Don’t give up on hope.” She was referring to my son being nonverbal, and the hope that one day he would talk. After talking with Jasper, I now have renewed hope for my son and his future.

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