How to Handle Work When You Are a Mother of an Autistic Child

How to Handle Work When You Are a Mother of an Autistic Child

Working class families with children who have been diagnosed with having autism experience much more emotional, psychological, and financial than the average family.  And especially during these tough economic times, those extra bills for the nutritionist, therapist, and autism specialists can be enough to send anyone over the financial edge.  And then add the extra stresses of worrying over your autistic child and making sure they’re socializing and articulating themselves in a progressive way, and it’s too much for even the most stable minded person to handle.  But fret not, oh worrisome mother.  You’re not alone in this boat.

First, get rid of those haunting thoughts that there was something you could or should have done to prevent this from happening to your child.  Don’t continue to stress yourself out over what more you think you should being now to help your child.  If you’ve seen the specialists and are following the guidelines and suggestions you’ve been given, you’re doing exactly enough and more than what you need to be doing.  That frustration you feel may begin to set you apart from your fellow parent friends and inevitably, the environment of friends and coworkers you have established at your work place.  Worrying about things that are out of your hands and, therefore, out of your control will only add to the daily stresses of being a working mother trying to care for her autistic child.

Raising, caring for, and helping your autistic child requires an overwhelming amount of time, energy, compassion, and patience.  And it can ware on you.  Then add all of the financial burdens you’ve accumulated as a woman and a mother, and sometimes it can feel like too much.  But remember, that nine to five job you’ve acquired and maybe stayed with for some time provides you with the finances you need to appropriately and efficiently care for your autistic child.  So leave the stress and worries at home, this way you will be able to perform with a much more level headed and rational frame of mind and work and keep your position with whatever company you work with secure.

Don’t feel guilty about not being able to be with your child throughout the day because you’re stuck in the office.  If you weren’t working as hard as you are, you would not be able to seek out the resources you, your child, and your family need to cope with and progress through your child’s autism.  As a parent it is your responsibility to show your child that despite overwhelming adversities you can still struggle through and come out of the other side successful, happy, and loved.  And with your positivity and love, your autistic child can conquer any obstacle thrown his or her way.

And most importantly, don’t forget to take some time for yourself, even if it is only five to ten minutes at the end of every night.  Our children unconsciously pick up on our emotions and thoughts, and taking that extra time at the end of the night for yourself to meditate on the important things in life will keep you mentally sound and fortified.  A happy, healthy mom can care better for her child, and be more perceptive of any minute fluctuations in her autistic child’s behavior.

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