Man Hits Dad Of Autistic Child

Man Hits Dad Of Autistic Child

Paul Blankfield Punches Out Dad of Autistic Kid Who Was Being Noisy at Olive Garden

I read this article, and was not surprised. It’s sad, but happens.  Basically, a man got upset because a child was making a lot of noise at Olive Garden.  He got up, mad and told the father to get his son to be quiet.  The father said he was autistic.  The man said so what.  Ugly words were exchanged and the man hit the father.  What really irritated me was the comments that are being left on it. I have to admit, I couldn’t resist adding my own.

Here’s the comment that I had to address:

angry grandma said:

FIRST OF ALL: Not all children who have been diagnosted as Autistic are beyond control. and also, if this child was making rude loud noises. Then the parents were not doing their jobs.

I was at a baby shower just yesterday. And my niece has a 3 yr old (which i met for the first time yesterday!) who is autistic. Severly! Born premmy. Brain damage gada gada. Excuses!

anyways, hard Ass Aunt Angry Grandma tried to be the dipolmatic one during the shower. BUT…. even my patience was running really low. he couldn’t stay at home cuz daddy can’t handle him. It was just him, my 22 month old grandson and a 8 month old (as children there) He proceeded to pull table clothes off the tables. throw stuff on the floor. Went into ladies purses picked food and threw it at people. Screaming and running around, Ect. anyways, being the eldest family member there, i tried to rein him in! yeap that went ok!! I picked him up (only weights about 25 lbs) and put him in my lap. he screamed as if i killed him and threw his head back at my face. Needless to say, i got a nose bleed and have a nice shiner today. Anyways, i took him and my neice aside and nicely asked her to leave. When she asked me why. so i told her. Told her that she must control her children and if the baby is like this then she should have left him home. I said that his actions were causing a bunch of issues and the mommy to be was ready to just send all home. she was very upset. I asked my niece why she thought he would be ok there? She said she “spoke” to him before getting there. I was shocked. he’s 3, doesn’t speak and she was allowing him to just go helter skelter. So i finally made her see reason and she gathered her kids up and left. I spoke to my brother last night, he was screaming at me! But then i explained what really happened. And he was upset. The reason: the mommy to be is his daughter in law and sister in law to my niece. She just thought it was ok to bring him because mommy to be “loves” him. Bottom line: niece assumed that because this was sister in law, baby would be more then ok with his behavior. it wasn’t. My grandson took a nap and when he woke up crying, my daughter in law, immediately got up and left. Same thing with the other baby. When she started crying, the mother left. It’s called understanding. No one wants to have a parents lack of control in any public venue. Weither it’s strangers or families. Dont know how bad i wanted to pop him on the rump! But not my child. But i did make her leave. And that was a hard decision on my part. No one wanted to be “rude” and tell her to shut him up or control him. But me!!

In any public place, we as parents need to be aware of others. and we want our children to reflect our teachings. I am almost positive that if this had been the other way around, and these parents were there alone but someone else had a unruly or disabled child who was annoying everyone, they wouldn’t have just sat there. They would have said or done something as well. Judgemental people are rude.

Here’s my comment:

Tammy said:

Since I am a mother of an autistic child, I thought I would put my two cents in. Angry grandma, you need an education on what autism is. You obviously have no compassion for for you niece and her son. You also should not have picked him up the way you did. A lot of autistic children have sesory issues, and you may have made the situation worse by doing that. You should have offered her a quiet room to take him to in order to calm him down. It sounds like he was on sensory overload. That happened a lot when my son was that age. Oh, and no one in my family ever asked me to leave because he was disturbing everyone.

As for everyone else that thinks we should keep our children at home, not going to happen. We are not bad parents, and we have just as much right to take our family out to eat as you do. And, there are children that make noises, and they are involuntary. For those here that believe in tolerance, thank you. Sometimes, eating out, even though it can be stressful, can also be a nice break for us.

If you wish to discuss this with me, you can do so on my blog, because I won’t be checking back to see what you think of my comment.

Of course, no one came over here to discuss this, but they did carry on over there.  I want to leave another comment, but it’s like hitting your head against a brick wall.  Looks like the arguing is still going on.

4 comments to Man Hits Dad Of Autistic Child

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  • debp

    I can’t begin to list the times I took my son places and he acted up. It was sensory overload, but at the same time, I was gradually desensitizing him to these same situations. I am so glad I did. He can now handle these situations. It may not always be pleasant and enjoyable to him, but he knows he can get through it.
    For the party, they should have just said, no children please, on the invitation. There is nothing wrong with a adults only event.
    I do feel badly for the woman. It sounds as if there is no family support for her family. I went through that, it can be very hard.

  • At public places, yes, adults should take it upon themselves to remove their child from the scene and get them to calm down a bit before returning. I do not consider a baby shower for family members a “public place.” All families have their unique characters be it an autistic child, chatty aunt bertha, or weird uncle larry and we just deal. If this lady was really a caring Grandma then she would have helped the mom find a quiet area for the child to be and insisted that the other party goers take turns entertaining him. Family is family. We do what we can to help each other out.

    How are kids going to learn proper behavior at a restaurant if they are not allowed to go there and practice? If you have a problem with another customer you should speak with the wait staff or manager to resolve the issue. This rule applies to wild children, people with disabilities and rude obnoxious adults. It sounds like both men were having a bad day before they even spoke to each other.

    Final words: Always try to have a little extra patience with people when you don’t know their story, lived their life, or walked in their shoes.
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  • Laurie

    I just want to say if your a mother and your child is autistic and a family member/stranger asks you to quiet your child, just do as Jenny McCarthy said in her second book,”He/She is autistic asshole!.” Love that book and she really does bring out the humor for those who feel alone and sad. Just wanted to say my 2 cents thanks!

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