Moon Dough Barnyard Review

Moon Dough Barnyard Review

I received the Moon Dough Barnyard to review and keep. The Moon Dough is recommended for ages 2-4. My daughter is 7, and she loves it. It’s soft, holds together well, and never dries out. It is also wheat-free. The Moon Dough play sets available are: Barnyard, Pizza Shop, Mmagic Molding Doghouse and Burger Shop. You can also buy refills of the Moon Dough. You can purchase Moon Dough at stores like, Toys “R” Us, Target, Walmart, and Kmart. For more information about Moon Dough, you can visti

I have written about Moon Sand, in the past. I loved it for sensory play with my son. The only complaint I had about it was the mess it made. That seems to be the common complaint from most parents. Because it was helping my son a lot, I didn’t mind. I just made sure that it was only played with in the kitchen. By containing it in the one area, it was easier to clean it up later.

The Moon Dough also makes a mess. When children play with this type of product, they are going to make a mess. Most children are not concerned with being neat. The Barnyard set comes with a small mat, but my daughter needs to use her big one to contain the Moon Dough. Even then, she still managed to get it off of her mat. Cleaning up after it is easier. Since it clumps together, I was able to pick it up off of the floor and carpet. The table cloth was where I had a problem. During play, bits of the Moon Dough was smooshed into my tablecloth and it took a while to get it clean. My daughter now knows that she is not to play with it on my table.

I think it is nice that they make this wheat-free, for children with allergies to it. I would have liked a container to secure the Moon Dough in after play, but a Ziploc bag works good for us. My daughter already has her colors mixed together. I am happy to recommend this to my readers. I think it’s great for both creative play, and sensory play.

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