Starting Back To School

Starting Back To School

Tomorrow is my daughter’s first day back to school. Officially, I am still home schooling my son. I need to talk to my husband about Rethink Autism. If we can afford it, I will keep my boy home this year, too. I think that the curriculum that can be set up for him with the program will help. Plus, the videos showing how to implement each lesson will help me a lot. The cost for this program, versus hiring someone trained in ABA, is reasonable.

If I do home school him this year, I will need to make changes in my schedule. Blog work will need to be done before he wakes up, and in the evening. The same for my VA/PR work I do. I will be able to do some of that work during afternoon break, but I will be devoting the majority of my time during the day on school lessons.

I did it last year, but things are busier in blogland now. I really want to do what will be best for him. I will spin in circles and stand on my head, if I thought it would help him. We still have therapy scheduled twice a week. He has his good and bad days with them. I have noticed that he has been responding better to verbal instructions. He’s also making improvements with combing his hair. I know, it’s a small thing, but it is such a big motor skill accomplishment for him.

I’m still working on getting him his medicine for the toenail fungus. His insurance insists on scrapings being taken and sent off to a lab, before approving. I’m hating that. I’ve scheduled the doctor visit for later in the week, after my husband gets off of work. I will need his help in holding our son down. It will be like torture for my boy. I wish there was an alternative. I’m really pissed at the insurance company for making us put my son through the ordeal of being held down to get the toenail scrapings.

I will, of course, keep you posted. Things will start to settle down next week, as we get into our new routine.

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