Visit B & H For A Unique Shopping Experience

Visit B & H For A Unique Shopping Experience


My mother-in-law had one store that she wanted to go to in New York City. She’s a photography student and orders from them online. She said that it is the store that a photographer or student can order from to meet their needs. The store wasn’t close to the hotel, but it was close enough for a taxi ride to and from.

Our second morning there, I skipped the welcome speeches, and we went to B & H. First of all, I have never been in a NY taxi cab before. This was my first visit to NYC. Luckily, I was sitting right behind the driver, so I didn’t have a clear view of what was ahead of us. I am glad about that, because what I COULD SEE HAD ME SCARED TO DEATH. Taxi drivers are fearless. They are aggressive. They own the streets. And I am glad I don’t have to ride in one everyday.


When we arrived at B & H, we were a little early. The store wasn’t open, yet. We walked around the block, and that is when I realized that this was not a little store. It was one block (big NYC block) wide and long. There were people lining up, waiting outside. The store opened and we went in. My mother-in-law found what she wanted. We had seperated, because she got in before my husband and I. She was walking around with a receipt, but no bag. At least, it looked like a receipt. I discovered later that it was a ticket for her to take down to the registers to pay for her item.

After looking around, I asked for a manager and requested a tour. They were happy to give me one. I was amazed at everything that I saw and learned about the store. First of all, you don’t just go up to a shelf and pick up what you want. You go to someone at a counter and request what you want. That person calls it up from the warehouse, which is underground this big building. It comes up to you and you can look at it. If you want to purchase it, the employee prints out a ticket for it, and sends it down to the cashiers. You continue around the store, to each section, and repeat this procedure until you are done. Everything is brought together and ready for you at the checkout counters.

There are three floors to this store, four if you count the warehouse. We did not visit the warehouse, but my husband and I were able to see everything else, including the music studio and the special video room that you had to be invited into. Not just anyone off the street can get into it. They sell all types of electronics in this store. It’s not just a store for buying cameras and camera supplies. They also sell things like computers and televisions.

When we left, my head was spinning. B & H is a great store. It is unlike any store that I have ever been in. I love how you don’t have to carry merchandise around while you are shopping. I love that there are employees everywhere, trained to answer questions in the area you are in. There wasn’t any area of the store that did not have employees around to help you. And, they were all friendly. So, next time you are in NYC, plan a trip over to B & H. Even if you don’t buy anything, just being in the store,, seeing how it is set up and operates, is a great treat.

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