Autism Vaccine Study Criticized For Not Being Valid

Autism Vaccine Study Criticized For Not Being Valid

I was captivated by the above video. It mentions Hannah Poling’s case Rebecca Estepp, mother of a 12 year old autistic boy, discusses how the government is awarding monetary settlements to families when the claim is worded without “autism” in it. She also addresses the newest vaccine study and questions the validity of it.

CBS news did an investigation that found that 1300 cases that used the words “brain damage” or “encephalopathy” received a cash settlement. If cases included autism or autism symptoms in the lawsuit, the cases were lost. Experts say that vaccines do not cause autism, but can cause brain damage.

This just goes to prove that the government is just playing word games. They are so afraid that if it is acknowledged that vaccines can cause autism in some children, that more parents will refuse to have their children vaccinated. On the other hand, parents need to acknowledge that vaccines do not cause autism in all children.

So what’s the answer? As Rebecca Estepp pointed out in the above video, our children are given a lot of shots at one time. I have said this before, and still strongly believe, that the vaccine schedule needs to be changed. I believe that it would reduce the incidents of harm if children are not given so many at one time.

I think it is time for the government to stop being afraid, and acknowledge the connection. Playing word games is not helping our children. The rate of autism diagnosis is increasing each year. We are in the middle of an epidemic. I believe that addressing vaccines as ONE cause of SOME autism cases, will lower the rate of autism diagnosis. Once that is done, then researchers can concentrate time and money on other areas. The bottom line should be to do what is best for the children. The government is acting like the little child that insists he isn’t tired, even though he can barely keep his eyes open.

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