Camping at Carolina Beach State Park

Camping at Carolina Beach State Park

I have been trying to go camping with my family for the last four weeks. The first weekend was cancelled because I was sick. The second weekend was cancelled because my husband was sick. The third weekend was cancelled because the of construction work at the park. We were all packed, my husband and daughter went ahead to set up, and I was to follow with my son after his therapy. The park we were going to camp at is really close.

This past weekend, we decided to go camping at Carolina Beach State Park. Thursday wasn’t looking too good. My son was sick, and I was coming down with it, again. I was determined that we were going camping. I kept my son home from school Thursday, and did everything I could to get him to feel better. I kept telling myself that I was not sick, and that I was not going to get sick. We know how well that works, right?

Friday came and my son was starting to feel better. I, on the other hand, wasn’t. That was not going to stop me. I just kept reciting my mantra. “I am not sick. I am not going to get sick.”

It was a long drive down to the beach. We arrived, registered, and set up the camp site. Carolina Beach State Park is a big park. The camping areas are small, but the right size for most tents. Each site also comes with a picnic table, fire ring with a grill top, and a metal pole to hang your trash or food off of. You want to make sure you use the pole, because there are some big raccoons in the area. We saw one our first night there.

We had a great time over the weekend. There were a couple things that I would have changed, though. I would have packed cooler pj’s for the kids. My son, poor thing, had to wear pj’s that were a little too small. What do you think? Did he grow a few inches since last winter?

I would have packed bagged meals. I packed one frozen meal in a bag. It was great. Easy to cook up and easy to clean up afterwards. And even my picky eater (my son) ate it.

I learned that I need a bigger tent. The one we have is 15’ x 11.’ After you get all of our gear inside, set up the sleeping bags, and put up the room divider, there isn’t a lot of room. The kids had extra room on their side, but the grownups side, not so much. Plus, we laid our bags our so that I was in front of the entry into the tent. My sleeping bag was stepped on every time a little one went in and out of the tent. Visualize your doormat in front of your door. That was my sleeping bag in the tent.

I did manage to get my mind off of this cold long enough to have fun. We had some really great moments over the weekend. There’s something about being away from all electronics that can be very relaxing.

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