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Summer To Fall Clothing

Fall is coming, can you feel it in the air yet? Right around the time you’ve spent all your money on your kids for back-to-school you realize that the weather has changed and you need some new duds, pronto! Except of course, you just spent all your money on the aforementioned kids. What do you do?

Well you have a couple of options. The easiest, least expensive and most fun option is to repurpose what you already have in your closet, adding a few budget-friendly items to change things up without draining your already bruised wallet.

Let me give you an example straight from my own closet. This summer I bought an in expensive black strapless dress. Perfect summer attire, I wore it constantly with strappy sandals and light jewelry. Then the weather turned a bit colder. Now I have paired it with a simple white cardigan and black flats or a bright fuschia short sleeve cardigan and black or silver flats, with brighter and slightly heavier jewelry. Both ways totally changed the look of the dress. Depending on whether or not I button up the cardigans all the way or leave them open, changes the look again, and it’s still perfect for the slightly cooler days.

Now then, when it really starts to turn colder, this same dress can easily be mixed with a chunkier (read: warmer) cardigan, a turtleneck layered underneath, or a pullover sweater worn over it, and knee boots. Completely different dress yet again and now late fall appropriate. (add a hat, scarf and coat to this and you’ve got winter wear). All these different looks, all from items that I already have in my closet, absolutely no out of pocket expenditures.

Sometimes you need or want to purchase something fun and new, to transition from summer to fall. You can easily stay on track budget-wise in this area as well. The most budget friendly thing you can buy are, of course, accessories. It is amazing how a few simple pieces can make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. For example: scarves. Now I used to have a major scarf phobia. I loved how they looked on everyone else, but on me? Well… let’s just say that I either looked like I was wearing a tablecloth (and managed to pin it in a way that made it impossible to move my arms) or I looked like a muppet was trying to strangle me. It just never looked right and I resigned myself to having a cold neck. Until I saw this:

This will change your life, your wardrobe possibilities and your neck will thank you for it. Don’t be surprised if people suddenly ask you if you’re French, you will look that chic. (and warm). There are lots of good online resources for buying lovely scarves that can really do a lot for your transition wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to check out the menswear section too. Their bolder patterns and colors are really fall appropriate and can sometimes be even less expensive.

Another fun option is leggings and tights (and knee socks!). Worn with dresses and skirts you already have, they can add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to really punch it up here, wear them with contrasting shoes or patterns.

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Style Weekly has this advice:

“Wear two or three sundresses together. Slip on the longest-length dress first. Next, add a shorter frock so that the bottom of the first dress peeks out for a fun hemline. Then, add a shirtdress. Be sure to leave it unbuttoned and use a belt to create shape. Finally, pull on winter tights and a chunky knit sweater for a soft and cozy fall look.”

She also suggests:

“For a sophisticated spin on garden-inspired garb, pair patterns with dark and neutral color palettes. Black, navy, beige and gray will balance the whimsy of pretty pastels and playful brights. Edgy accessories such as chain belts, studded bags or black leather boots will accent the feminine fabrics with an unexpected and ironic twist of interest.”

The main thing is, don’t be afraid to switch up what you might already have, things you might never have thought of as combinations may be the best summer to fall transition clothing you have ever owned. Be bold with accessories (but gentle with your budget) and have fun!

Guest post By – Marina from Fedora Hats

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