My Son Camping With The Boy Scouts

My Son Camping With the Boy Scouts

I haven’t had a chance to tell you about the Boy Scout camping trip my son and husband went on over the weekend. It was Saturday and Sunday. My family loves to camp, so my son wasn’t suddenly put into a totally new environment. We’ve been on several camping trips as a family, and he always had a great time.

Camping with the Boy Scouts is different. First of all, my husband said that there were a lot of scouts there. Tents were packed in together in an open field. Luckily, we have a two person tent that my husband and son were able to use.

My son doesn’t have a problem with crowds. He loves to be around activity and people. My husband had a problem keeping up with him. Luckily, the other adults and the scouts helped him out. Whenever they saw my little boy (11 years old, and almost comes up to my chin), they would escort him back to my hubby. Also, my husband didn’t have a problem finding someone to watch my son when he had make a trip to the bathroom.

When I say bathroom, it was actually Port ‘O Potties. My husband was able to get permission for him to use the bathroom in the one building on the grounds. It was difficult to get our son to use the Port ‘O Potty.

The Boy Scouts had centers set up to teach the Weeblos about camping. My son is a Weeblos, and will be transitioning up next year. He didn’t want to do that many activities, instead, he preferred to just watch. I expected that. Although he was familiar with camping, this was a new environment, with new activities. He had to take time to observe and figure out what was going on. I think it will take a few Boy Scout camping trips before he starts participating.

My husband said that he did help cook. He also helped load the truck up with their gear. My husband didn’t take that many pictures, I was disappointed with that. I’m glad he did manage to get a few. I am so happy that everything went great. It was so nice to hear that everyone were happy that my son was there. I would have liked to have gone, too, but my daughter would have been bored. She would not have been able to participate in the Boy Scout activities. Plus, I prefer camping where there is an actual bath house, with showers.

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