Camping With The Girl Scouts

Camping With The Girl Scouts

I had a busy weekend.  As a Girl Scout Co-Leader, I like to make sure my daughter has the opportunity to get the most out of being a Girl Scout.  We have a small troop, and the girls are young.  None of them have been camping before, and are a little scared of the idea.  My daughter, on the other hand, has been camping several times.  We love to go camping as a family.

Once a year, there is a Girl Scout camporee close to us.  None of the other girls wanted to go, but my daughter did.  I registered us, and payed for it with my money.  We were able to get a platform tent, which made things a lot easier on me. I was worried that she might get lonely, since she was the only member of our troop to go.  I had nothing to worry about.

The troop that had the platform tents next to us adopted her quickly.  Before I knew it, she was even set up to sleep in their tent with them.  She had a great time!  The girls in the other troop were a couple years older, and they treated her like a little sister.  She was never made to feel like the odd girl out.  She was one of them.

I was extremely tired by the time we got home Sunday.  I hope that next year, I will be able to get her whole troop to go.  I will work on easing them into the camping experience when Spring comes around.  I took plenty of pictures, and will show them to the girls at the next meeting.  Hopefully, they will see them and get excited about the idea of camping.

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