Kaplan Tutoring Test Drive Comes To An End

Kaplan Test Drive Comes To An End

Remember my post about doing thh Kaplan Test Drive Program with Mom Central? It’s been eight weeks, and now it’s over. Time goes by so quickly.

When my daughter started this program, she tested at:

Reading: Grade 1 – 93% and Grade 2 – 5%

Math: Grade 1 – 83%

Now, at the close of the program, she is at:

Reading: Grade 1 – 95% and Grade 2 – 14%

Math: Grade 1 – 93% and Grade 2 – 12%, (Grade 3 in progress)

Checking her progress reports, I noticed that she made good progress in Reading, but Math showed a big jump. I was impressed that she was doing a few Grade 3 problems. I think she would have made even more progress is I was able to get her to do this more often.

When we started this program, she was really excited. She loved the games and activities that she was able to do after doing the work. As time went on, her interest in the Kaplan Tutoring decreased. It become work that she just didn’t want to do. Given that she is only 7 years old, I can understand why this happened. Children tend to have a short attention span at this age, and are quick to change their interests.

I have thought about what Kaplan could do to hold the attention of young children, longer. The only thing I could think of was to incorporate characters from popular television shows. I know, that’s not a very practical suggestion. Really, if I was to think of only practical suggestions, I wouldn’t have any. The work and reward system that is in place is really good. If my daughter was a year or two older, I think she would have worked harder on the program to get to the rewards.

The program is now over. I feel like I let Mom Central and my daughter down with this review. I just couldn’t bring myself to force my daughter to spend the amount of time on this that she should have. However, she did spend enough time on it to actually learn, and show progress. I wonder how much more progress she would have made if she spent more time on the program.

I would recommend this program for all children K – 8 grade. I also think it would make a great home schooling tool.

I should be getting a discount code for my readers to get a free month of Kaplan Tutoring.  As soon as I do, I will update this post with it.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Kaplan and received a giftcertificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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