Polaroid MP3 Player Is Good But iTunes Sucks

Polaroid MP3 Player Is Good But iTunes Sucks

My son was given a Polaroid MP3 player for Christmas. He was also given an iTunes gift card. Both were from family members, and I originally thought it was a great idea. Until we tried to download the iTunes videos to the MP3 player.

The Polaroid MP3 player came with a conversion program to convert files to the right format for the player. We discovered, though, that the format of iTunes is not compatible with the Polaroid MP3 player or it’s converter program. This means that we were not able to put the iTunes videos on my son’s new MP3 player. We were, however, able to take CD’s that we have and download them to the player.

My son loves listening to the music on his Polaroid MP3 player, but I think he would love it more if he was able to watch the videos, too.

My mother picked this particular MP3 player for my son because of the fact that it has a built in speaker. My son will not use ear buds or headphones. I like that it comes with a little stylus for selecting things on the little screen.

Did I mention that iTunes sucks? Well, it does. My husband downloaded the iTunes program to the computer on Christmas day. The next day, it was gone, and it took a lot of hassle to get it back on the computer. I also think that iTunes should be more compatible with products that are not made by Apple. When you pay for the music and videos, you should be able to put them on any platform that is on the market. Otherwise, how about a message on their website about which ones they are compatible for and which ones they are not? That would have saved us a lot of time.

My husband and I will spend some time on the internet searching for websites that we can get videos for my son. We’ll have to wait until we have some extra money to do that.

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  • iTunes like to corner the market and make it very hard for anyone to squeeze in, shame they weren’t a little more open to being less of a conglomerate though, but hey, profit first!! Hope you find a way to work it out. Jen
    @jencull (Jen) recently posted..Oh no- HELP!

  • Monica

    Did you happen to find any videos that would convert to the Polaroid player? My daughters each received one for Christmas and I am still looking for compatible videos. I don’t know how/if I can convert the ones we already have on DVD at home. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Carla

    Hi, I have a 25 year old daughter with Fragile X Sydrome. She also received a Polaroid MP3 Player. I went into Edit Preferences and then import settings. I then clicked on Import using MP3 Encoder. You then cick okay, until you get back to the main screen. I highlighted a song and then clicked on Advanced at the top of the screen and then create an MP3 Version. When I did this I had no problem with her player, playing the songs we downloaded. I hope this helps

  • Carla

    You can go into Edit Preferences and click on Import Using MP3Code. Then click on okay to get back to the main screen. Once there click on a song and the Advanced at the top of the screen and then create an MP3 version of the song. I hope this helps.

  • Carla

    In my previous Message, I forgot to say that you would do all of this in Itunes. Once the songs or files are in MP3 format you can move them to the Polaroid MP3 player and they will play with no problems.

  • Ed Crockett

    You can use iTunes to convert your files to MP3. First import any music to iTunes. Then click on the menu Advanced/Create MP3 Version.

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