Stranger Disciplines Child In Play Land

Stranger Disciplines Child In Play Land

I was getting caught up with other blogs, and Read a great post by my friend Stacie at Super Mommy To The Rescue. She wrote this before Christmas, and I just now got over there to read it. Sorry, Stacie, but I’m sure you understand how crazy things were just before the holidays.

Anyway, the post is “To The Grumpy Lady At Burger King.” You can click over to read the whole post. I wanted to give my opinion to what happened. What in the world was that lady doing in the Playland area if she didn’t want to be around kids. Kids are curious. They know no strangers when they are toddler age. If you don’t want them coming over and staring, don’t eat in their area.

I hate it when strangers take it upon themselves to admonish our kids. I had that happen to me in a parking lot, and the lady made my daughter cry. I was pissed! And yes, I told her off. Why do some people think that they have the right to do this?

We work on teaching our kids not to speak to strangers, and here are these strangers talking to our kids. Don’t Do It! If the child’s parent is no where to be seen, then call over an employee or security person. Do Not interact with our child unless he/she is hurt. NEVER try to discipline a child. If you have a problem, talk to the parent. IF you are eating your food in the children’s area, you DON’T have a right to get upset or speak to our child.

That’s just my take on it. Oh, and check out the adorable picture Stacie posted of her daughter in the post she wrote up. What kind of person has a problem with that cutie?

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  • Lee

    I don’t really understand why the lady was in a play area with no kids, that right there is creepsville. But I always “joke” that I’d be the person who smacks someone elses kid. But I think really it’s the adult I want to smack. Because especially in play areas people don’t pay enough attention to their children. I watch mine like hawks because I KNOW what they are capable of. However there is always at least one “too big child” running rampant putting other kids in danger! Okay sorry that was a personal vent. LOL

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  • april yedinak

    I have to agree with Lee. I think some people are too permissive and allow their kids to behave like animals. Now, this apparently wasn’t the case in this instance and yes, the woman should have been more understanding about a toddler. Especially sitting in playland, but if I was sitting there to watch my kids and I maybe was having a stressful or lousy day, I doubt, no matter how enchanting and precious, I would want to deal with someone else’s kid in my face while I was trying to eat and keep and eye on my brood. When my kids were younger and engaged in this type of behavior I always ensured that my child apologized and did not repeat the offense. There were some people that were mean about it, but the apology diffused the situation every single time and taught my kids valuable lessons about acceptable behavior and social skills. I live in the south in a small town and for the most part, we don’t think anything of telling other children to behave and as long as the other person doesn’t go nuts, we appreciate it when someone sets our kids straight. I understand the don’t talk to strangers thing, though people would be far better served teaching their children about safe and bad touch at the youngest age possible, since most criminal acts against children are NOT committed by a stranger. As a parent, I do not look to engage other children I don’t know, so as not to encourage kids to trust random ‘friendly strangers’. However, when the kid is in your face, bumping you in line, circling you at the amusement park, etc. telling them to quit shouldn’t be seen as anything more than what it is. No matter how well a person is watching their child, if they had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the stranger enough to annoy them, then they should realize that they either need to watch them closer until they are able to behave better in public or deal with admonishments now and again.

  • I hate those kinds of people! Aargh! My sister and her family were vacationing in San Francisco 2 months ago. In one department store, her daughter said “Oh wow!!!” and then a woman in her 50s deliberately said “Shush!!!” which took my niece off-guard. I mean, my niece was expressing appreciation for a thing of beauty. And that woman felt she should be stopped? My sister just stared at the woman. She couldn’t find the words. I told her that if I were her, I would tell that woman that she has “NO RIGHT to ‘Shush!’ my daughter!” I have plenty to say but my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. Some people can be such scrooges and so grumpy!
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  • Tammy believe I totally understand all the hustle and bustle and getting ready for the holidays. My thoughts are the same as yours. It just really makes me mad when a stranger tries to discipline my kid. Now I could understand if she did something wrong and I didn’t see it. But she did nothing wrong but be innocent and sweet. The lady did have her husband and kids there and there was another table there with a couple adults and kids but they moved when we came in. Once some of us cleared out they came back. She really is lucky that my girls from Girl Scouts were there because I would have let her have it.

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