Losing A Family Pet

Losing A Family Pet

It was a tough week, last week.  First, my son’s CAP worker had to take a medical leave.  We still haven’t found someone to replace her.  Then, we had to say goodbye to our dog.  She was in a lot of pain.  The vet couldn’t do anything for her except prescribe medicines.  The medicines weren’t helping, so we decided it was time to put her down.

Telling the kids was difficult.  This was our first family pet, and the first time that we have had to deal with the loss of a pet.  Growing up, I dealt with the loss of a family pet.  I knew what my kids would be feeling, and wanted to shelter them from the pain.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t.  No one could.  It’s a part of life.

I’m not sure how my son is dealing with this.  He seemed to be sad over the weekend.  He also hung close to me and my husband.  It was like he was afraid we would go away if he wasn’t around.  My daughter took it hard.  I tried to be as gentle as I could when telling her.  In the end, all I could do to help her was hold her in my arms.

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  • KDL

    This is always hard…and is one reason I haven’t given in to my daughter’s pleas for a dog. Much as I think it might be very therapeutic for her in some ways, looking ahead I don’t know that she has the resources to cope with such a loss. I’m also waiting for my twins to be a little older (and out of diapers!) so that I’ll have more energy to devote to a family pet. Hugs of comfort to you and your kids.

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