When You Lose Your CAP Worker

When You Lose Your CAP Worker

My son has had the same CAP(community) worker for just over three years.  (What is a CAP worker?  A CAP worker is an individual that works on goals for your child in the community.)  She has become part of the family.  Yesterday, I found out that she is taking a leave of absence.  Chances are, she won’t be coming back.  She is up there in age, and her health is poor.  I am really going to miss her, and so is my son.  She has been so great with him.

Finding a new CAP Worker

Now, I am going through the process of finding a new worker for my son.  It’s really hard to find someone that I am happy with.  We have had some good workers in the past, and a couple not so good.  The worker we are now saying goodbye to has set the bar really high.  I’m trying not to compare the workers I am interviewing to her, but it is difficult.

As my son’s advocate, I have to put his needs first.  As his mom, I want the best for him.  I don’t want to settle for someone that isn’t going to be as great as the worker she will be replacing.  Unfortunately, I have to be realistic.  I lucked out getting a worker for my son with the extensive experience with disabled and autistic children.  I know that the chances of finding the whole package again are low.  I have to pick what I think are the most important requirements, and what I can teach her.

I am also going to involve my husband in this decision.  It has been our practice, in the past, that he isn’t involved.  This time around, I would like his feedback.  I don’t want to turn down someone that could be a good fit for my son, because I am looking for a duplicate replacement.  I think my husband can help me make sure that I don’t nit pick.  On the other hand, I don’t want to bring in someone that is completely wrong for my son, just because I think I can teach whatever needs to be taught.

I’ll take things one day at a time, and hope for the best.  One thing I do know, I won’t be agreeing to place a worker with my son just because he needs one.  She has to be a good fit for my son and our family.

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