Celebrity Apprentice and the Camping World Experience

Celebrity Apprentice And The Camping World Experience

Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice last night? I recorded it, and watched it this morning. The men won, of course. I saw that coming. They set up the outdoor area a lot better than the women. The women focused on the inside of the campers/Rvs. Huge mistake. Camping is about the outdoors. You want to spend most of your time outside.

That’s not to say the men did a perfect job. If Camping World wants to know the best way to set up an outdoor experience, they should have asked me. I love camping. My family loves camping. We go camping locally and down at the beach. I have packing down to a science. My husband and I have setting up down to an art form.

Our outdoor set-up is not perfection. We don’t have the money to buy everything that would make it perfection. But, we do have the basic necessities of camping. The tent is the primary piece of equipment that is needed when outdoor camping. The right tent is crucial. It needs to be large enough to not only set out the sleeping bags, but also needs to have enough room for the clothes and toys. My husband and I share a bag for our clothes, and the kids each have their own bags.

Each one of our children have items that they have to bring with them. My daughter has toys. My son has his favorite sheet, stuffed lizard, and radio or mp3 player. Plenty of batteries need to be brought with us to ensure that the music is always playing, and the small Coleman fan operates all night. Of course, there also has to be enough batteries for the lanterns.

For outside, you have to make sure your chairs are comfortable. I recommend getting outdoor chairs with the foot rest, or a beach chair that allows you to stretch out your legs when sitting down. Next, make sure you have a camp stove that you are comfortable using. I have an old Coleman stove. It’s over 20 years old, and still works. One cooking tip I learned early on, make sure you pack Reynold’s Wrap. It’s great for wrapping food in and sticking them in the fire to cook. Plus, you don’t have to wash the Reynold’s Wrap. (That leads to Tip #2, make sure you have trash bags).

I noticed that neither the men or women’s teams had a mock fire. It would have been a great addition to both of their outdoor experiences. A fire pit, with a small table close by with a S’Mores set-up would have been perfect. Kids love to make S’Mores when camping. How about a game area? Just one outdoor game would have been a nice touch. I also don’t recall seeing any fishing equipment. You have to have fishing equipment when you go camping.

If I had Jon Rich camping with me, I wouldn’t need to bring a radio. My son would have him playing his guitar and singing the whole time. Of course, he probably wouldn’t have much of a voice left by the end of the weekend. It would be very entertaining. I guess we will have to settle for a radio. Congratulations, men, on winning the Camping World Experience challenge.

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