I Don't Need A Man To Start My Fire

I Don’t Need A Man To Start My Fire

I went camping with the family over the weekend. My husband had Friday off, so we wanted to get set up before the kids got home from school. We also wanted to have the tent set up before the rain started. The forecast called for some rain showers for an hour or two. Once they stopped, the rest of the weekend would be fine. Or so the forecast was saying the last time I checked. I found out later that it had changed and rain was expected Sunday morning.

After the kids got home, we headed to the campgrounds. It was raining, as expected. My son had therapy, so my husband dropped me and my daughter off and took our son to his therapy appointments. Since it was raining, it was straight to the tent to stay dry. I played Dice Sequence with my daughter until the rain stopped.

It didn’t take long, only about 30 to 45 minutes, and we were out of the tent. It was a little chilly. My daughter had her jacket, but mine was in the truck. I’m at a campsite, with a nice fire pit, wood around everywhere. I did exactly what anyone would do. I set out to get a fire going.

My daughter and I gathered all of the sticks we could. It wasn’t easy. I needed to have sticks that were a little damp, but would still work. With the sticks piled in the fire pit, a couple of pieces of paper I found in my purse, and my lighter, the fire was going.

I expected my husband to be impressed that I had gotten it going, given it had just rained. When he arrived back with my son, the first thing he said to me wasn’t “Great job getting the fire going. I’m impressed” (although he did admit later that when he was driving over to park, he saw the fire and was both happy that I had it going and was wondering how I was able to do so with wet wood and no fire starters), he actually said to me, “You couldn’t find a smaller log?”

Later, he admitted that he was impressed. He was also happy that he didn’t have to do it, and that he could immediately start working on cooking chili for us. We had a great weekend. Both of the kids enjoyed themselves. There were a couple of other campers there for the weekend. We enjoyed talking with, and playing games with, one of the couples. My daughter enjoyed playing with their daughter.

Sunday morning was the tough time. It had rained. We couldn’t pack away the tent in it’s bag. The tarp was muddy and wet. We did the best we could. Everything was packed into the truck, and the tarp and tent were folded up and placed on top of everything. The first no rain day, we will take them out and dry them.

From the campgrounds, we went out to eat breakfast. When we finally got home, everything was unloaded and unpacked, except the tent and tarp. I started the laundry, and then took the rest of the day off. All in all, I had a great weekend. I hope you did, too.

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