Will Banning Milk In School Help Childhood Obesity?

Will Banning Milk In School Help Childhood Obesity?

Have you heard about the latest debate going on about flavored milk in the schools? Louisville, Colorado has banned flavored milk. The are districts in California that are considering a ban or have one in place. The problem is, by eliminating strawberry and chocolate milk from the menu, students are drinking less milk. Cabell County, WV is one district that banned flavored milk, and then ended the ban when they saw a big drop in milk consumption.

I prefer that my children drink plain milk. However, I don’t have a problem with them having one carton of chocolate milk a day. I’m more concerned with the food that is served in my children’s schools, then whether they drink plain or flavored milk.

The main concern sited for children drinking flavored milk is the amount of natural sugar in the product.

Plain milk – 14 grams of sugar

Fat-Free Chocolate milk – 20 grams of sugar

Fat-Free Strawberry milk – 27 grams of sugar

In my opinion, I think the best solution is to keep plain and fat-free chocolate milk in schools, and get rid of strawberry. I also know that the body needs sugar. You can not cut it completely out. It’s when sugar is consumed in high quantity that it becomes unhealthy. The benefits of drinking milk makes up for a few extra grams of sugar.

While everyone is complaining about flavored milk, have they examined the food that is served to our children? The schools need to pay more attention to the nutritional content of the food items in the schools. Instead of focusing on the nutritional value of one item, the whole picture needs to be addressed.

There are other things that I believe are more important than serving flavored milk. How about physical activity during the school day? Our children are in school for an average of 6 ½ to 7 hours a day. Then there is the amount of time on the school bus. My daughter gets PE once or twice a week. She gets about 10 to 15 minutes on the playground each day, except on the days that she has art or music.

Another concern is what our children eat at home. It’s not enough that our children eat healthy at school, they also need to eat healthy at home. Serving only plain milk at school will not affect the childhood obesity problem in America. Our children need to be more active at school. They need a total healthy menu at school. And, they need to eat healthy at home.

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  • My children don’t drink much milk, but when they do it’s plain milk. Even so, I don’t know that this is what I would be worrying about in regaurds to childhood obesity. I’m with you, maybe there should be less little debbie snack cakes, processed chicken, and pizza on the menu.

  • I live right next to Louisville. Didn’t know they did something so ridiculous. I agree with you completely. Let’s look at the fat-laden, highly processed lunches and leave the milk alone.
    Accidental Expert recently posted..Everyones an Expert

  • Well I guess I am the odd man out here because I feel there is no need for the added sugar in the milk. We have to start somewhere you know. I also feel that the whole lunch program needs a complete overhaul. We need more fresh veggies and whole grains and less processed and sugary foods.
    Bethany Larrabee recently posted..A Song I Listen To When I Am Angry – 30 Day Song Challenge Day 20

  • I TOTALLY disagree with this. Milk even flavored milk has got to be better then soda. I would venture to say that it is better then juices.

    My son would drink chocolate milk over any other choice. He does not drink regular milk, though I would prefer he does I like that he drinks milk which at least has some protein in it.

    I just don’t think this is the answer.
    Colleen (Shibley Smiles) recently posted..Would You Rather – Phone or Email

  • I am in the minority and agree with everything Bethany said. No more priocessed junk and more fresh, whole foods. And think getting rid of sugar laden flavored milk is a good place to start. That is an easy first step. If you have watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution at all he has mentioned multiple times that a carton of flavored milk has more sugar in it than a can of soda. Not sure the exact numbers on that, but if it is true well then that is scary.

    I would rather give my kids 100% fruit juice with no added sugars than milk with sugar added to it. I don’t care if it is cane sugar or organic sugar, it is still sugar. And I have to wonder how many schools are serving flavored milk with high fructose corn syrup in it. Bleh.

    I also don’t like the argument that if you get rid of flavored milk than kids drink less milk. So? Contrary to what the dairy industry wants us to believe, milk is not the best source of calcium. I believe your best source of calcium is green, leafy vegetables. But if your kids are like mine, and don’t go near anything green, then you can give them other dairy foods like yogurt and cheese. My kids don’t like milk and I don’t force them to drink it.
    Marianna recently posted..Blogger Makes Friday the 13th Memorable

  • There are many other calcium and vitamin D rich foods that children can have in substitute of milk. We’re the ONLY mammals that continue to drink milk after we are weaned, and not even human milk — but from a cow.

    So is it really horrible if they don’t drink milk? No. The schools need to up their food choices as well and offer more calcium rich foods like salads made from spinach instead of mixed iceburg lettuce. And parents need to start giving their kids better choices when bringing lunch to school.

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