Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom Decorating

In my home, bedrooms are a very big deal.  What I mean by that is every few years, I change up the decorating and bedding in them.  My daughter has had a number of different ‘themes’ in her bedroom since grade school.  She mostly liked decorating according to her latest ‘toy’ craze, so we went through Buzz Lightyear and Scooby-Doo themes.  My husband painted the walls to look like the Mystery Machine at one point!  My niece (yes niece!) really likes Spiderman and after seeing our daughter’s room all decorated up, my mom got my niece spiderman bedding for her birthday one year.

Then there’s me.  I’m the one who prefers purple comforters or an antique white mirror in my room, however, that doesn’t make my husband overly enthusiastic about the décor!  I don’t want to go into the complete opposite direction though and make it a man cave.  So I try and settle on more neutral materials for the bedding and curtains.

Somehow, I manage to find a bedding set every few years that we can both agree on.  I have to go to plenty of stores to find one though that will fit both our opinions and our budget.

Do you change your bedroom décor up often?  How do you like decorating, what kind of style do you prefer?

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  • Tammie

    My room only changes about every decade or so. Even when I do get a new bedspread, it is usually the same colors as the old. Now my daughter is always changing her room. Right now it is the same colors as your daughters bedspread. Bright.

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