Effective Ways To Treat ADHD

Effective Ways To Treat ADHD – Some Shocking Facts To Keep Us On Our Toes

Effective Ways To Treat ADHD – Some Shocking Facts To Keep Us On Our Toes

Author: Robert William Locke

Did you know that the New York Times recently revealed the news about Risperdal as a new drug for ADHD ? Sounds fine and dandy until you read the small print! This drug was not approved for use for treating ADHD at all! So this is not one of the effective ways to treat ADHD.

We know that in Florida in a flour year period, the number of prescriptions for the psycho stimulant drugs actually doubled ? Given that pills are not the answer, although they might provide some temporary relief this is obviously NOT one of the effective ways to treat ADHD!

Dr. Thomas Brown is well known for his work on the biological causes of ADHD. He has pointed out that the main cause is a defect in certain neural pathways in the brain. These are the ones we use when making a decision, taking action, concentrating and focusing.

They are therefore essential to us performing efficiently in today’s society which demands ever more stringent deadlines. He has compared these to a conductor of symphony orchestra which controls all these. We are totally unaware of these mechanisms as they operate in milliseconds and they also seem to work outside our conscious level. The most shocking fact of all is that treatment by psychostimulants which act not only on these neural pathways but also on the heart and the central nervous system, makes it a very doubtful type of treatment. This has all sorts of side effects on the health of the child.

It is a shocking fact when we read that the drugs, Dexadrine, Adderall and Dextrostat are approved for use with children as young as three years old. There is no real effort treat the whole person and to look at ways of helping the ADHD child to cope with social and learning skills and also how to organize his school and family life.

Organizing an ADHD friendly home is essential too and helping them with homework is important. Now if we can start treating the whole child, we will be well on the way to discovering one of the effective ways to treat ADHD. This will be a comprehensive type of approach using a combination of homeopathy, diet, exercise and other ways.

That is exactly what my website is all about. Why not check this out now and see how there really are effective ways to treat ADHD which you probably never knew about!

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About the Author

Experts now tell us that natural ADHD treatments combined with child behavior modification techniques is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Robert Locke has written extensively on ADHD and Mental Health for many years. For more parenting and ADHD advice, visit :- http://natural-adhd-cure.com


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  • I don’t think that anyone can doubt that Ritalin is very effective with SOME children with ADHD – and it’s much safer (and better tested) than any of the other drugs available.


    Before you go there, Always try Safe natural remedies (remember just because it’s natural it doesn’t make it necessarily safe – investigate first). Also try natural stimulants like Caffeine – believe it or not, sometimes a glass of coke or cup of coffee in the morning is better than any drug.

    Don’t forget that it’s not all about medication – Changing routines, adding rules and other forms of behavioral therapy can all help.

    Always investigate drugs before using them – even if your doctor has recommended them. Risperdal in particular has some very nasty long term side-effects which can make ADHD seem like a walk in the park.
    Gavin Bollard recently posted..Answers to some Questions on Cyberbullying

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