Shaving and Autistic Teens: Teaching Autism Child to Shave

Shaving and Autistic Teens: Teaching Autism Child to Shave

shaving and autistic teenWhat seem like everyday activities to you and me, can be insurmountable tasks to someone with autism.  Shaving for example is something most of us don’t think twice about.  Guys that shave usually do it daily.  For autistic teens both behavioral and sensory issues come into play making that routine shave…not so routine.

It’s possible your child will be able to handle shaving them self or you might do it for them. Either way there are some things you can do to help the sensory issues that autism inevitably brings to the table.  Here are some tips that I found when searching the internet as well as talking to some that have been through this stage in their autistic children’s life.

Shaving and Autistic Teen

If the choice is made to use an electric shaver find one that is quiet and doesn’t vibrate very much.  If you can find a store that has a working unit to try you could test it out even before you purchase.  Ear protectors are another option for use with electric shavers; it might help with overly noisy units.

If you need to shave your child, I watched a video on YouTube where the home health nurse put towels on the floor for the autistic young man to lay down on.  That may also help with sensory overload.  It allowed a safer way to shave him.

If sitting or standing for the process works, have something that keeps the focus off the shaving and on something else.  If they have a special ‘soothing’ item it might be good to keep it close by so it’s handy if needed.

Play around with the shaving cream – if your child is an imitator this is the time to get lathered up with them.

Do you have any tips to add?  Let us know if you have a technique that might help others as they teach their autistic teens to shave, or need to shave them.

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5 comments to Shaving and Autistic Teens: Teaching Autism Child to Shave

  • karen M

    I am going to try your tip on finding a store with working units to try out. It is a battle with hygiene for our big guy.. he has improved a lot, over the past few years, now we are in the shaving meltdowns.. Thanks for sharing.

  • debbie

    I took my son to the hair stylist that cuts our hair. We have known him for a few years and really like him. I explained that I needed someone to give my son some tips on shaving, (he knows my son has aspergers). My son was thrilled. He spent alot of time telling my son how to shave. He may not do a perfect job, but he does it now himself.
    One tip I have is, if his hair has gotten too long, I trim it with scissors first, then he shaves it.
    My son grew his first beard by the time he was in seventh grade.

  • Wendy

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I will be encountering this stage soon and would love learning more on this topic. I hope other people update with comments as it is extremely helpful for me.

  • Darlene

    Informative article. I was glad to read about this blog. Really interesting. It’s good proper hygiene especially to the young adolescent. It’s really good to practice this for good grooming for those with autism.
    Darlene recently posted..stretch mark removal cream

  • Ashlie starnes

    I have an autustic daughter that just started her cycle. She is 11. She usually doesnt like stuff on her skin and usually if she ever gets a scrape or a cut she picks at it until it bleeds. So im really concerned with shaving. Is there a safety razor that is really safe?

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