Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

Many parents with children that have Asperger’s know that there are going to be problems that arise having their children in a mainstream school. But are those problems a product of the child or of the system? Schooling so often these days is like a cookie cutter factory. Those that fall above or below the norm just have to fit in.

This is a reason that many parents choose to homeschool. They can teach their child in the way their child learns best. With a guided curriculum toward a auditory, visual or kinesthetic education, the parent’s approach to teaching becomes more efficient for the child to learn.

In a perfect world every school would teach like this, or every parent would have the option to homeschool. But this world isn’t perfect, so what then?

With changes coming about in the education and health care system, IEPs for certain children may become a thing of the past. Fight for it, demand it and persevere for it. If your child has Asperger’s and is in the school system, they deserve an IEP and should get it.

For those that want to take it into their own hands, private tutors are an option. They can be affordable and convenient. There are online programs where you only pay for the time you use, Tutorhub a UK based website is an example of one. So if your child only needs 10 minutes, that’s all you pay for, if they need a longer session you pay more.

It’s sad, but not surprising, that the burden is now placed on families to fill in the pieces of the education puzzle for their Asperger’s children. With the guidance of an IEP or tutor, your child can excel their learning.

Have you employed a tutor for your child? How have you discovered the best avenue of learning for your Asperger’s child to succeed?

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2 comments to Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

  • Sherry

    Thanks for sharing this good idea I will tell this to my aunt because she had a son like this..She’s looking for a nice school..

  • Kenton Schassberger

    Those of us who went through school as undiagnosed Aspie’s went through all of what these replies has shown. We can make it through school, the place i needed most help was at college and due to being unable to find any help at all in the 70s i dropped out of college, took a few scattered classes but never got a degree. A number of factors were involved and core was that all my mental issues had not been identified or addressed at all. I think my depressions as much are part of being aspie with no help at all to socialize or get passed all those barriers that get in the way. Add to this sorry mix MS at age 55 and so most those whom knew me just vanished.

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