Autism Treatment New Study Offers Hope for Early Detection

Autism Treatment New Study Offers Hope for Early Detection

autism treatmentFor the parents of the 1 in 88 children affected by autism, the search for a cure  and autism treatment can be difficult. Couple that with the fact that 40% of children are not diagnosed until age four and many parents find themselves in a frustrating position.  Parents search for early detection and autism treatment for their child.

However, new research in to the meridian system offers a new hope for not only an early diagnosis of the disorder, but also a natural autism treatment.

A recently published article in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine examining Dr. Shui Yin Lo’s latest study, “Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Autism via Meridian Theory,” states that while autism mainly resides in the brain, more investigation shows that blockages along the yang meridians that connect the brain to the gastrointestinal tract may be linked to the major clinical symptoms of autism.

More importantly, if blockages along these meridians are seen at an early age, doctors may be able to detect the disorder before a child shows any symptoms. As early detection is a key factor in treating the disorder, Dr. Shui Yin Lo’s study opens a myriad of possible solutions for those with the disorder.

Additionally, the study also points to a new, all natural treatment options for autism. The study suggests that by taking Double Helix Water, a new fourth phase of water that can help remove blockages by triggering its self-healing mechanism, energy in the body can flow more freely allowing the body to help reduce some of the affects of autism.

12 Week Pilot Program for Autism Treatment

In fact, during a 12-week pilot study examining 11 male children with autism who took all natural Double Helix Water daily, Dr. Lo saw consistent reductions in temperature along the yang meridians. Additionally, the parents of the children reported that eight out of 11 children had physiological and behavioral improvement. These finding suggest that Double Helix Water may be an effective, natural treatment for autism.

If confirmed in a larger clinical study, Dr. Lo’s findings could help the thousands affected by autism to live a better life.

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