Education of Children With Autism Software Program

Education of Children With Autism Software Program

With autism rates climbing at such an alarming rate, more parents are taking it upon themselves to find innovative educational programs that speak to the unique needs of their children with autism. New online software products BrainPro(R) Autism provide support and deliver positive changes in the brain, improving both reading and social skills for students with neurological disorders.  A software program for the education of children with autism can make a difference in your autism child’s education.

Based on 30 years of research into how the brain learns and works, BrainPro Autism incorporates patented technologies to improve communication skills, specifically expressive and receptive language, in children with autism.

BrainPro Autism Software for the Education of Children with Autism

Used at home, BrainPro Autism is comprised of games from the Fast ForWord series that improve these skills by exercising the brain while keeping the child engaged. The program also includes progress monitoring and support from a professional consultant who communicates weekly with the child’s parents and team of specialists.

Kerri Burton-Danner, Ph.D., is an Atlanta mom who uses BrainPro Autism with her 9-year-old son, Nathan. Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 6, Nathan was struggling with basic reading skills and comprehension in school. Danner tried several solutions, but with no success. “Helping him move from simple, early-reader books was a real challenge. He avoided reading them at all costs and was falling behind in content subjects like history and science,” she said.

Burton-Danner uses BrainPro Autism with Nathan for 30 minutes, five days a week. The results have been significant, she said, citing Nathan’s recent willingness to read aloud books that are on his age level. “Even when he stumbled on words, he took the time to sound them out and look for context,” said Burton-Danner, “instead of just guessing.”

Nathan now attacks new words without fear, begs to read books, and carries his newfound confidence over into activities like Cub Scouting. A BrainPro Autism consultant provides weekly feedback to Burton-Danner on her son’s progress. “The biggest breakthrough is that my son can now sense when he’s making improvements,” said Burton-Danner. “That’s a huge confidence builder for him.”

Jasette Moore’s 6-year-old son Jalen has also made remarkable progress with BrainPro Autism. Diagnosed when he was just 2 years old, Jalen wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone in his Richmond, Calif., public school. He spoke in a hushed tone of voice and was uninterested and unengaged during class.

Since he started using the software five times a week, 30 minutes per day, Jalen has gained a sense of awareness and responsibility about his schoolwork, begun participating in class, and advanced to the point of being mainstreamed into traditional classes.

Education of Children With Autism Using BrainPro Autism Reactions

“We’re thrilled that he’s progressed to the point he’s no longer a good fit for the autistic classes. That’s great news,” said Moore. “Jalen is going to traditional first grade classes for half of the day and next year he’ll be there on a full-time basis. He also just won an award at school for reading on grade level.”

“The game-like exercises in BrainPro Autism strategically target the areas of the brain that are essential for language, reading, and mathematics, but in a way that is still entertaining to the child,” said Burns. “What makes this program unique is that the speech stimuli in the exercises have been acoustically enhanced to conform to the perceptual needs of children with auditory processing problems. In addition, all exercises are performed on a computer, which is very compelling to children on the autism spectrum.”

BrainPro Autism was developed by neuroscientists at Oakland-based, Scientific Learning Corp. which accelerates learning by applying proven research on how the brain learns. BrainPro Autism software is available online at or by calling

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  • Heidi

    Hi Tammy! sharing this kind of information is really a big help. And I know that a lot of children with autism will benefit from this new online software. Thanks and I’m looking forward on your next post!

  • This is so cool. I keep hearing about new brain training software to help people with everything from autism to drug addiction. Thanks for sharing.


  • Thanks for sharing this. By strengthening children’s cognitive skills in a fun and engaging way, this is a good solution to solve their reading problem. Of course this will be really beneficial to maximize children’s learning process.

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