Disability is Something Everyone Needs To Prepare For

Disability is Something Everyone Needs To Prepare For

Most people don’t think they’ll ever need disability insurance, but parents of autistic children realize that diagnoses strike when you least expect them too. The Social Security Administration states that a young person has a 30% chance of being disabled in some way prior to retiring. That’s a staggering number – and of course the older one gets, the higher the odds become.

Those that are already steeped in the bureaucracy that is the health care system and have insurance and/or steady work, understand how co-pays here and fees for therapy there all add up.  I learned early the difficulty you face when you are claiming disability for a child with autism.   So in the event that the primary breadwinner is the one struck with a disability, what then?

Disability Claims

The thing is, even if you are eligible for financial benefits, the steps involved to claim those benefits can often be overwhelming, especially on top of any medical issues you’re dealing with. It can take a long time to get the ‘official’ approval to receive your SSDI, and having someone else, like Disability Benefits Alliance, help conduct some of the legwork for you may result in faster action, or at the very least less stress for you.  A lot of people get denied the first time they apply for disability.  Navigating the system can be very frustrating.

Because of the loss of income for those who become disabled may end up with other hardships like increasing debt and the inability to pay off loans, it’s important to make sure that you immediately seek out what benefits you are eligible for, as well as support to help with phone calls, paperwork and logistics.  Seeking assistance in navigating the process of claiming disability benefits can ease your stress.

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