Aspergers Syndrome Awareness Found on TV

Aspergers Syndrome Awareness Found on TV

Essential guide to Aspergers diagnosis

11-year-old Max from NBC’s Parenthood asks his Dad, “Well, what is Aspergers Syndrome?” His dad struggles to explain, but when Max hears him use words like disability and aspergers syndrome, it leaves Max feeling confused and alone.

Getting an Aspergers Diagnosis

When a child is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (AS), an autism spectrum disorder, it can be confusing and frightening for both the child and parents. Coping with the difficulties of life with AS and the variety of social and cognitive symptoms is an intimidating task, especially without guidance. Asperger’s syndrome has recently been brought into the limelight with a multitude of popular TV characters exhibiting AS symptoms, which has played an important role in revealing the disorder’s many nuances, complications and strengths, and providing AS awareness. Aspergers affects 1 in 500 people with many left undiagnosed, like Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, who exhibits many AS symptoms including perfectionism and has trouble understanding common social cues.

The Essential Guide to Aspergers Syndrome

Parents can use these TV characters to introduce the family to the symptoms of AS, but in order to know how to best raise a child with AS, they can now turn to The Essential Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Essential Guide to Aspergers Syndrome offers a practical look at AS, how it affects children from toddler years to young adulthood, and gives parents the tools to diagnose and teach affected children. The guide focuses on moving from awareness to action with information on:

• How to know if a child has AS

• Understanding an AS child’s behaviors and state of mind

• How to work towards eliminating tantrums, meltdowns, repetitive behavior, and perfectionism

• Where to find beneficial educational services and therapies

• How to encourage a child’s growth and special interests

Aspergers syndrome is a daunting diagnosis; through The Essential Guide to Aspergers Syndrome, parents can to learn how to channel an AS child’s energy into a productive and fulfilling life like Dr. Spencer Reid, the brilliant FBI Special Agent on CBS’ Criminal Minds. His AS symptoms help him catch bad guys, and his attention to detail allows him to find all the clues at the crime scene.

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