Autism Children May Be Helped with a Supplement in their Diet

Autism Children May Be Helped with a Supplement in their Diet

Autism children may be helped by taking an antioxidant supplement.  Those that tend to read health news, might have read or heard about an antioxidant called N-Acetylcysteine, an antioxidant supplement, which researchers say may be a therapy for some autistic symptoms.

The study used thirty-one children diagnosed with autism in it. What the study revealed was that children that took the N-Acetylcysteine had their repetitive actions reduced and also were less inclined to irritability.

Since irritability affects a large portion of autism children this is quite a revealing study.

Autism Children Supplement Study

The study took place over twelve weeks. Of course, thirty-one autism children isn’t a large enough sample to conclusively state that this would be an effective therapy for all children with autism.  However, it’s encouraging for parents who are looking for answers on how to address the harmful actions that their child with autism may be inflicting on themselves and others.

The other issue with this is how parents would get their hands on the N-Acetylcysteine antioxidant supplement. Would it be as easy as purchasing Wholesale Supplements for their child online or at a drug store, or would their child have to be evaluated as a good candidate for the supplement regimen and then be prescribed the antioxidants?

For many parents cost is also an issue. According to the news, the university that directed the study is filing for a patent to use the N-Acetylcysteine in the treatment for autism children. So perhaps that would mean that insurance companies would cover the cost of the supplements even if they aren’t a prescribed drug so to speak.

Either way, what are your thoughts on this? It seems to be a more “natural” therapy than prescribed medication – but would you be willing to try it with your child to see if it works?

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