Autism Healthcare Cost and Services to Families of Autism Kids

Autism Healthcare Cost and Services to Families of Autism Kids

The cost of Autism healthcare for families with an autistic child can be expensive. Autism Healthcare and supportive services are a challenge for families raising an autistic child.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) require an array of specialized health care services. With these services come higher costs for parents and insurance providers. University of Missouri researchers compared costs and types of services for children with ASD to costs and services for children with other conditions like asthma or diabetes. The researchers found children with ASD paid more for health care than children with other conditions. In addition, children with ASD used more services yet had less access to specialized care.

“Across the board, children with Autism used more autism healthcare services, including in-patient stays in the hospital, and required more medications,” said Nancy Cheak-Zamora, assistant professor of health sciences in the MU School of Health Professions. “Children’s insurance companies paid more for services, and parents also paid more, with their out-of-pocket costs often exceeding a thousand dollars per year.”

Cheak-Zamora reviewed previous studies that evaluated the cost of autism for families, the amount that they paid for health care services. She noticed inequities in the quality and cost of health care for children with ASD compared to children with other specialized care needs.

The Cost of Autism Healthcare

“Children with ASD need coordinated health care, better access to services and more affordable care,” Cheak-Zamora said. “Insurance companies should develop policies that will cover the treatments children with ASD need.”

Children with ASD are prone to other conditions, such as seizures, sleep disturbances and gastrointestinal problems that can cause them to use health services more frequently. Cheak-Zamora said health care providers should address all these needs by providing care using the medical home model: primary care that is comprehensive, coordinated and family-centered.

“In general, having a medical home helps ensure you have quality health care. It examines how well your health care providers are giving you coordinated care in which the family is truly a partner,” Cheak-Zamora said. “We found that children with ASD have medical homes less often than children with other special health care needs. This is a problem because families without a medical home report experiencing more financial problems and difficulties accessing and utilizing needed medical services.”

The article, “A systematic review of disparities in health care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the United States,” was published in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Megan Tregnago from TouchPoint Autism Services co-authored the study.

2 comments to Autism Healthcare Cost and Services to Families of Autism Kids

  • Matthew Skeen

    I became aware of this when we were constantly taking our child in for treatments. I’ve been careful to watch our bills and statements so that we can have substantial background when we feel we need to talk further with our providers or insurance over this issue. I hope other parents with ASD children see this and start keeping track too. Maybe something will change.

  • Janet W.

    I don’t have any children with any health care issues so I was unaware of this and the costs. Very interesting.

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