Summer Camp and Prepping your kids and yourself

Summer Camp and Prepping your kids and yourself

Summer camp is one of the most amazing times in a kids life.  They get to make new friends, learn survival skills and have memories that will last for their entire life.  But how can you help your kids to be ready to be away from home, and how can you prepare yourself for the anxiety of having an empty nest?  Here are some ways to help both you and your children prepare for an awesome summer of catching up on work and for them learning social and survival skills.

Sleepover parties with kids who have been to summer camp.  

One thing you can do is arrange for an outdoor sleepover party weekend instead of just one night.  Find a parent or two whose kids have been to camp before and see if they would be willing to have your kids over for the weekend.  During that weekend neither you or your kids are allowed contact with each other.  The kids should also try sleeping in tents or outside and mimicking things they will do at camp.  Not only can this help to prepare them from being away from home without being able to contact you, but it will help get them excited about the fun they will have at camp.  Being with kids who have already been to summer camp will also let them be able to ask questions about it and how they dealt with being away from home, making new friends and what their favorite things were.  This could also be a good practice for you since you’ll have a couple of days away without being able to contact your kids either.

Creating a list of projects or goals and bucket list items for summer camp.  

Having your kids be away from camp and not being able to talk to them can be rough on your emotions as well.  It is important to keep yourself occupied while they are away so you don’t constantly focus on them.  If there are work projects that you have fallen behind on, set them in order and create a calendar that you can use to keep yourself focused and prepare them.  This is also a great time to get ahead.  If there are things you’ve always wanted to do, but never have the time because you are always busy with your kids, Summer camp is the perfect time to try and get a few of the things on your bucket list checked off.  You can try anything from Sky Diving to Wine Tasting or even just reading a ton of books that you’ve always wanted to read.  Because your kids are away, this is the perfect time to focus on yourself and getting the things that you and your partner have always wanted to do.  One other thing that is fun is to schedule date nights both in and out of your house since you now have evenings and weekends free of kids.  You can relive what it was like when you were first married.

Take an adults only vacation.  

Sometimes you just need to relax.  If you know your kids will be fine and you trust their Summer camp, then why not treat yourself to something only families without kids can do and go on an adults only vacation.  Not only are these all inclusive resorts gorgeous, but there are absolutely no kids around so your mind won’t think of your own kids.  Instead you’ll be surrounded by couples and be able to have plenty of alone time to reconnect with your husband or wife and also relax so that you can be more focused when your kids get back.

Your kids first year of going to Summer camp can be a rough one.  You have to think of packing everything from flashlights and ponchos to slippers or kids footed pajamas in case it gets cold.  Not only do you have to worry about them getting homesick, but you also have to get yourself prepared for them not being around and you not being able to contact them.  That is why having sleepover parties with kids who have been to camp, setting up goals and things to do as well as taking your own kid free vacation are great ways to help both you and your kids adjust to being away from each other.

About the author:

Adam went to camp almost every year when he was a kid.  Now he helps parents and families prepare themselves as well as blogs about everything from saving money on broadway tickets to planning dream vacations and weddings.

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