The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide for Shopping

The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide for Shopping

New to gluten-free eating?  Gluten free foods used to be hard to come by.  You would have to order online or go to a specialty store.  Things have changed.  More and more, companies are putting out gluten free foods that you can purchase at your regular grocery store.   With over 30,000 products in the average grocery store, figuring out what’s gluten-free can be an overwhelming task.  Gluten is found in so many products, even ones you didn’t think contained gluten.  Where do you even start?  Using a gluten free grocery guide can help make things easier.

Common foods that contain gluten are chicken nuggets, pasta, cereals, and even candy.  If the ingredients say wheat or whey, it contains gluten.  There are companies that put out these products without gluten.  You’ll see gluten free on the label, but reading labels on all of the products you need to buy takes time.  That’s why it used to take me hours to do my shopping when I had my son on a gluten free diet.

The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide

The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide is your answer to navigating the grocery store. It lists brand and store name products that are gluten-free.  Remember, things are always changing.  Companies are always changing the ingredients in their foods.  This gluten free grocery guide is a tool, not a work in stone.  When in doubt, contact the company directly.

I used to have my son on a gluten free diet.  I would literally spend hours at the grocery store, reading labels.  You don’t have to spend your entire day in the grocery store reading labels and worrying about what’s safe to toss in your cart. You’ve got better things to do. Use this gluten free grocery guide to shop safely in just half the time it normally takes you.

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